Please help! Lust for H green!!please show me the green!!!!!

  1. DH likes Rouge H, I am totally in love with green. It is such an unusaul colour for a new bag. I have to have a green H bag, please show your pics. Vert Chartreusse is calling me, although my SA says this is just a spring/summer colour
  2. Gosh, I think Hermes greens are perfect for autumn! I have a vert fonce/vert anis bicolor togo Kelly and a chartreuse clemence Picotin. I think they would be great in any season. I'm posting from my phone so I can't attach pix but will try to show you some green as soon as I get to my computer.
  3. I love Vert chartreusse Ninja. my SA keeps trying t put me off it, but I am totally hoked, cant wait to see your pics
  4. There's this DARK GREEN color that I REALLY LIKE. I forgot the name..was it VERT FONCE or ???

    I have to go to the Color Sample Sub-forum to check it out!!

    Anyway...It is a GREAT GREEN COLOR. It look BEST with GOLD Hardware.
    (I should stop thinking about this color...otherwise, I will be in trouble)
  5. I loooove chartreuse!! I wanted a birkin but when I saw this evelyne, I had to have it right away:


    I plan to wear it year-round. I don't think it's just a summer color at all.
  6. WOW!!! Lulilu and Kallie Girl. Both of your pics are making me want Chartreuse right now, they are so gorgeous.. Help, totally hooked.
  7. ^^raz, I totally agree. I'm loving that gorgy chartreuse. Here's a picture of my vert olive Kelly in clemence with gold hardware. I have been surprised by how versatile this color turns out to be as it is much more of a neutral than I originally realized.

    Olive Kelly & Scarf.jpg
  8. ^ That's beautiful, Maggie.

    I LOVE green! LOVE it! I love ALL hermes greens, in particular vert anis on chevre!

    Ahhhhhh.....if AAB has a thing for Hermes reds, I have a thing for Hermes GREENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Gorgeous Maggie!!! A vert olive kelly is one of my "wish" bags right now!! I bet it is extremely versatile!
  10. Everyone's green bags are gorgeous! More, please!!

    Here's my green boxcalf Bolide; I can't quite capture the right dark green as the sun is down, but the last two are close. I also :heart: green.


    MaggieD - your Kelly :girlsigh: I love the new scarf with it - DIVINE.


    green box bolide1a.jpg green box bolide2a.jpg green box bolide3a.jpg
  11. I'm also a fan of green:love:.

    Show me more pics in green, pleasssssssssssssse?:greengrin:
  12. Katel, I don't think I ever saw your green box Bolide before,
    that is a very beautiful color!
  13. Cristina has a FANTASTIC vert olive birkin. she looks so pretty with it! greens are GREAT!
  14. Here's my forest green box calf kelly. After I got it, I suddenly saw all the green H incorporates in the scarves.

    inaction 016watermarked%20.JPG inaction 025watermarkded%20.JPG