Please help Louis Vuitton Josephine question

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Nov 24, 2012
Hi everyone I just have a question I recently bought a Josephine wallet from a seller tc vintagewear they stand behind there authenticy but this one thing is making me question it. I noticed from pics a lot of the josephine wallets match up exactly as far as the leaves go in the area of the credit card slots on top and bottom. Also noticed the leave in a area on LV website photo will go over the line but on my wallet it does not, it just kind of cuts it off. I will attach photos as its hard to explain. Meanwhile I took the wallet to LV SA said its real and I also got it hot stamped, even so it's still in the back of my mind because I heard LV SA are not trained to and aren't always certain if its authentic. So I'm hoping those with LV knowledge and owners of Josephine wallet scan tell me if there authentic wallet is like my wallet. I also heard not all the print will match up exactly. TIA!


Jul 3, 2006
It looks fine to me. Put it in the "authenticate this" section if you are unsure. However, I have never seen an SA hotstamp a fake.
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