Please help! Looking for Vert d'eau first!

  1. I have been looking for the perfect bbag and I've decided on the Vert d'eau first. Does anyone know where I can still get one, perhaps from BalNY or Barneys? Thanks!
  2. I think Aloha Rag still had them last time I checked... you could send them an email to see:
  3. BalNY is sold out. Try hgbags (Erica):yes: .
  4. i checked aloharag and it doesn't seem like they have any bbags... has anyone seen one in a store where I can call and order?
  5. thank you so much! I just emailed aloharag and I hope they have one, or I might just get the one from Diabro. I am a newbie and I really want my first bbay to be a vert d'eau, it's such a gorgeous color!
  6. aww when i ordered mine from balny daisy said they still had a few left. guess they sold out.

    hope you find one - it's SUCH a pretty color :smile:
  7. Good luck Bagaddict100! Hope you find one!:yes:
  8. i saw one in balenciaga singapore about a month or 6 weeks ago. not sure if it is still there though. and they are a few hundred dollars more expensive than those sold in the US.
  9. Hope you find one soon :smile:
  10. Whoa.. just found the pricing on Diabro. It's almost $200 more than I paid for my first! I hope they don't charge tax and/or s/h too!

    Also, you can call up Barney's or NM and see if they can track one down for you :yes:
  11. I am worried about Diabro or aloharag selling out while i'm trying to get Barney's or NM to track one down for me, and I want it so bad I think I'm willing to pay $200 more! I'm trying to fill out aloharag's order form right now, and they want the "item number" of the bag. Does anyone know what it is?
  12. ^^I don't know it but if you write the name/describe the color you will be fine. Ask them to call you if they have questions.
  13. I would call to make sure and you can have them pick the leather you like. Ask for Ken - very knowlegeable. Can I ask why it is $200 more at AR?
  14. SUSAN in Burlingame CA has one.

    I saw it there last week and it is beautiful.