Please help...Looking for the LUNA PARK scarf in red or black!!!

  1. I'm hoping someone here might be able to help. My mother's birthday is coming up and she LOVES carousel horses, and I would love to get this scarf for her.

    My Mom is always putting other people ahead of herself, always there to help friends and family and never really gives it any thought! I really wanted to get her something this year for her b-day that would mean something special. Something more than the typical gifts my sister and I buy her.

    So if anyone has any ideas of how and where I can find this scarf in excellent condition.....please let me know!!!

  2. emanu, sorry i cant help you, but i just wanted to say what a sweet pressie to get your mum. She will love it.
    I hope you find it:heart:
  3. Be sure to post in the grail scarf thread, too, I am always amazed at how quickly things appear once posted there!!!

    and here is a picture, so others can channel their vibes for you!!

  4. Cobalt - That is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for the pics. please send out some good vibes ;)

    Dressage Queen - Ohhhhh, that is beautiful! THANK YOU!
  5. The scarf in the auction looks good. Emanu, there is another scarf called Tournez Manege by Anne Faivre that features a carousel as well. You may want to keep an eye out for it as well. You know, keep your options open.
  6. Maybe the mods can post this over to the Grail Scarf thread?? I really think it would be helpful to have it over there!!

    Good luck finding the scarf!
  7. there's a tournez manege listed now, closes tomorrow: