PLEASE HELP!!! Looking for the Daphne Charm Bracelet

  1. HI... I need HELP finding the Daphne Charm Bracelet in Gold/White, this cost 198.00 and is style # 94105. Coach website has one but is the Gold and Black :sad: It is pretty as well but my :heart: is so set for the Gold/White one. If any of you can PLEASE help me find this... I will forever be so thankful :heart:
    Okay girls , I know some of you are hunters and go in for the kill when you are wanting some thing so PLEASE take the time to help me get my dream bracelet. :nuts:
  2. I believe the website is wrong. Have you checked your local COach boutique? I purchased one at mine and it was the white version. I do not believe a black version exists. YOu might want to try calling Coach CS just to be sure.

  3. HI... Thanks so much, I called my Coach store today and they do have the White in it, YIPEE!!! :yahoo:
    Can't wait to get it and thanks so much for replying to my thread :heart:
  4. You are more than welcome!!! You're going to love this piece! I get loads of compliments on it!!! :yes:
  5. The color code is just gold/black! There is no other color code for it!