>>>Please help! looking for my first bBag<<<

  1. Dear all bBag fans,

    This is my first time here. I am looking for my first bBag and can't find it anywhere.
    My friend recommended this site, but still, as a new comer,
    finding my way around this forum is still confusing. Hope i will make it thru. :wlae:

    bBag i am looking for is Brief 06 - Olive Brown.

    I did fall at first sight but way far too slow to get one at that time :crybaby:
    I do hope that I could find my love at first sight here in tpf.
    Or at least know where / how to get it.

    Please help making my dream come true. Thank you. :heart:

    ps. any suggestion about how to use this forum will be great!
    I still have no clue how to PM someone. poor me :sweatdrop:

  2. Hi and welcome!

    I haven't seen one of those around, but to PM someone you just click their username and select Send a Private Message. This feature may take time to become available to you since you are a new member.

    Also just in case you didn't know it's against the rules to sell or buy through PM or on threads. Only pointing people to stores is okay on the forum.
  3. You can always check eBay and of course call all of the local department stores to see if they are still carrying 06 bags.