Please Help - Looking for my Bday Bag! Black Stella or Dianee...

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am looking for my birthday bag and would absolutely LOVE to find a NEW black Stella. Problem is, I know my chances of that are pretty slim.

    I like the Dianee style which looks somewhat comparable. BUT, I have NEVER seen the Dianee in person. Is the size comparable to the Stella? how does it look in person?

    Also, if anyone has seen a black Stella or Dianee, please let me know!


  2. Thanks, dls80ucla!

    Does anyone own the Dianee? I have never seen it in person, so I would greatly appreciate your honest opinions on the bag (the size, the leather quality, weight of the bag, etc). I would also like to know how the Dianee compares to the STella in your opinions.

    Thank you!
  3. I have the Dianee Tote in Black. It's a good size but not as big as the Stella. It's about 14" wide and 10" tall. I love this bag! Here is a pic of mine with the stuffing still in it. When it's empty, the leather is so soft that it kind of slumps over but I prefer softer bags over structured bags. Also, the leather thick and very soft. The bag is a little heavy but not unbearably so. The overall quality is excellent and I think the price in the link above is a really good buy :smile:
  4. I have a dumb question - what is the difference between MJ Diane and MJ Dianee.

    I did an internet search and Nordstrom advertised the same bag above (which I thought was the Dianee) as the Diane.

    I'm so confused!

    thank you!
  5. Oh- I also forgot - the MJ website lists the bag as the DIANE (under the Resort 2006 womens bags)

    So I guess this tote MUST be called the Diane, but then, what is the Dianee bag that is advertising??
  6. There were two bags with similar names, the Diane is from the Mia line that was made in Spring 06, and the Dianee was made for Resort 06. I've gotten them confused before as well. Both are totally different totes.
    The more recent version has the slanted zipper pictured above.

    The older one has a zipper expandable bottom:


  7. Thanks, Thithi! So the one I'm thinking of (tote with asymmetrical buckles/zippers) is actually the Dianee?

    It's so weird that the MJ website (Nordies as well) says Diane.

    Thanks for the help, though! :yes:
  8. I've always heard the newer tote referred to as the Dianee... on the dept store websites and on here as well. Not sure why the MJ website has it listed as such.
  9. Thanks, all! I ended up ordering the Dianee and will post pics when it arrives! :tup:
  10. Great! Can't wait to see pics.

    Happy Birthday!