Please help looking for ice cube flap

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  1. I was so confused:cursing: at that time whether or not to buy the ice cube flap, but now i really want to buy that ice cube flap.. does anyone know where i can get it in the us? Pleaseee give me any info for any sa or stores that still sell that ice cube flap... thankss a lott...
  2. Saw one or two pieces on eBay just yesterday or day before.
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    I would prefer to buy it from store not eBay coz im afraid that they will sell the fake chanel.. thankss for the info
  4. did you call the Chanel 1800 number? they can look for it for you.
  5. Oh that sucks! I was one of the first to get the ice cube bag in sf.. When I came back two months later to look around in the sf chanel store my SA told me how lucky I am because the ice cube classic flap had been sold out in all the US stores. So I guess your last resort is ebay? Sorry =( good luck hon.
  6. I think bergdorf had one just a few days ago. Call Chanel shoes at Bergdorf and ask for Saskia, she sent an email with one to me this week. It may be gone already, but its worth a try.
  7. Just call any Chanel and ask them. I'm still seeing it on the shelves at the Boutique and at NM so they definitely haven't sold out.
  8. Great to hear! My friend was looking for one..
  9. I saw the ice cube at Nordstrom earlier this week. I think they had the small and big bag w/the flap.Call my SA her name is Jackie(Chanel handbags). If they don't have it there...she'll locate it at the other stores for you. Nordstrom 818.884.7900. Good Luck
  10. i saw it at NM Palo Alto a week ago.
  11. Thanks for the great info..
  12. i saw it at my NM too...
  13. Saks in Phoenix and NM in Scottsdale, AZ have the icecube in stock. Both stores will do a charge and send.
  14. there are a few in UK...i saw it yesterday...