Please HELP...looking for Crossbody Bag!

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  1. I really want a crossbody (for weekends) bag and have been looking at the Odeon PM & Mabillon. Could you please share pictures of your handbag & loaded with items inside your bag to help me decide...thank you.

    Also open to suggestions ;)
  2. A few years back I went into LV with the intent on buying the Odeon PM. The SA suggested I take a look at the Bloomsbury PM...SO GLAD he suggested it since it wasn't on my radar! It fit me better than the Odeon and holds so much without distorting the shape! I would highly recommend!
  3. I second the bloomie
  4. I always thought one day I will be getting all the xbody bags in all print (siracusa, Odeon and Bloomsbury). Then I fell in love with Speedy B25 in DE last summer and this spring bought B25 in DA. The monogram probably I will be getting in Mon Monogram. So, my recommendation is Speedy B. Good luck deciding:smile:
  5. I second the Speedy B 25! I just got mine about a month or so ago as well. I have owned all sizes of the speedy, even the 40 ( I had a 40 bandouliere for a time...HUGE!) But the 25 is amazing for crossbody. Give her a go! I wish now that I had just started with the B 25... :greengrin:
  6. Pochette metis or the twice!
  7. I did own the Bloomsbury, Siracusa pm and Odeon. Sold them all for the speedy b 25. Has more space and versatile with top handles.
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  9. Another vote for the speedy b 25! Although i also love the pochette metis
  10. I'm really enjoying the duomo crossbody. I know it's not popular on here and people prefer to have a pocket on the front but I really do like it. I feel like it's a lil bit more dressy than my siracusa that I use as diaper bag if I have my daughter w me
  11. bloomsbury gets my vote, strictly as cross body. it sits nicely against the body and it fits quite a lot. if you want a multi purpose than my 2nd choice would be speedy B 25.
  12. I love my Odeon PM and highly recommend it! It lays flat against the body, has an exterior pocket for most needed items such a phone and keys, and has an easy zipper top so you can access all contents while the bag is on your body. When I was looking for a crossbody, I literally looked at ecery bag LV offered and their vintage ones too. Odeon was everything I was looking for. I don't like flaps because they are awkward when the bag is on the body. I also don't like bags like Speedy as a crossbody because they stick out too far.

    I have pics of my Odeon on my computer I can send later.

    If you prefer DE, I recommend Bloomsbury PM too.
  13. I would love to see pictures...thank you.
  14. A BIG thank you to everyone.
  15. I love my Siracusa cross body bag. It holds a lot! Definitely take a look at it if you go into a LV boutique. Or some of the men's messenger bags are gorgeous. Your best bet is to go into a store and try bags on to see what fits you well.