please help, looking for a watch for my wife.

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  1. #1 Oct 12, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2010
    hi there. newbie here, i was wondering if you can help me pick a watch for my future wife, getting married this month and i want to give her a last gift before tying the not :biggrin:

    i am looking into three choices:

    1. omega constellation 160th edition (24mm, MOP supernova design face with diamonds, rose gold bezel with diamonds, half bar rose gold and steel bracelet, quartz movement)

    2. new chopard happy sport - not the classic one (small, steel case, white face, 5 floating diamonds, blue leather strap, quartz movement)

    3. rolex datejust (26mm, steel bracelet with white gold bezel, rhodium color face - dark silver color with diamonds, automatic)

    my wife is a corporate lawyer and she would probably use it on special events and meetings. this will be her second watch, she has a charriol watch in 26mm with silver bracelet and the face is a MOP in dark blue with diamonds for the numbers.

    i am really looking for a female point of view so please givve me your comments about them. thank you and so sorry if it was a long one :biggrin:

    dont know how to post pics yet so if i am not successful attaching the pics, i hope the descriptions help. :biggrin:
  2. My choice is
    "3. rolex datejust (26mm, steel bracelet with white gold bezel, rhodium color face - dark silver color with diamonds, automatic)"
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  4. I like the Rolex first, Chopard second and Omega last.
  5. Rolex :tup:
  6. Rolex!
  7. Rolex. I love Omega, but I prefer the Aqua Terra.
  8. The Rolex would be a wonderful gift for her :smile:
  9. Another vote for the Rolex!
  10. thank you for your reply, i was wondering why you liked the omega the least? just want to know if the rolex is really ok since i can only afford the white gold because the two tone cost alot more, my wife is still young she is just 26 i don't know if that helps in your recommendations =) can you also put your reason for each watch? thank you so much!

    keep them coming girls, i really appreciate it =)
  11. thanks bag*snob for posting the pics =)
  12. Rolex
  13. I vote for the Rolex
  14. Rolex
  15. can any one comment on the aesthetics of the watches above? :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: