Please help - looking for a Violet City, First or Twiggy

  1. Hello! I've been in search of a Violet RH City, First or Twiggy - if you happen to find/see this color on your shopping rounds, pls let me know! I know I'm a little late for the 07 Violet but I am hoping to find one very soon! Thank you so much for any help...:smile:
  2. Have you called the mothership, Bal NY? I think some folks mentioned they still had them.
  3. I did talk to Kim there a week or so ago - the only thing they had left was a GGH Hobo which is unfortunately not a great style for me. AR had only big bags like a Brief I think...I keep lurking here and reading to see if anyone spots one at a NM, Saks, etc. I am so bummed I keep missing out! :crybaby: