Please Help locate this clutch I love!!!

  1. I saw this clutch on the Vogue while I was waiting in a hospital waiting room the other day. I was being a bad bad person and had to (gently) rip this page out in the quest to find this clutch & make it mine :love:
    I must be being punished for ripping the page off...Now I don't even know which month the Vogue was issued and what brand/which kind... nothing. So I am coming to you all to see if anyone has seen this sold anywhere???
    Only thing I know about this clutch is that it is on a DKNY watch ad so it may be DKNY... I searched on the web but I can't find it...
    Help, please help! I am in love with this clutch:crybaby:

    Thank you all!!!
    DKNY clutch.jpg