Please Help Locate MAM White/Basketweave

  1. So, I've been a Rebecca Minkoff Lurker--reading about everyone's MA and MAM and looking at all of the photos of these killer bags! Someone posted awhile back about getting a white with basketweave MAM for an awesome price. I didn't pay attention to where it was purchased, but I MUST get one for a summer bag! Any help you can give me to locate one is greatly appreciated!:flowers:
    BTW--GUNG, you have one hell of a collection!
  2. OMO! I didn't expect to see my name in this post! LOL! Thank you, thats very sweet of you. I know I saw one of the white basketweave MA bags but not the MAM, but I will get back to you. Lemme poke around!
  3. Damn woman! You're almost as good as me!!! ;)

    J/K...GUNG ROCKS Da HOUSE!!!!! (or is it Da Purse Forum??!!!!) I'll shut up now....
  4. Thank you! You have just made my night!!! Now--off to convince DH that I NEED this bag (think neck nibbling might help!)
  5. Nah...they know when you're playing them!!!

    Just order it and once it arrives, add it to your sexy self and he won't know what hit him!!!!
  6. I also saw in on for $484... but I don't think there are any codes for this site.