Please help locate a e/w red,caviar or lambskin

  1. Plz hold one if you see it. I have been looking for one since last year, but end up getting 3 other chanel bags during my quest:wtf::p
    And I still would like to get a e/w after all this time, true love is hard to come by.:shrugs:
  2. i think one of the stores in london has it. try the brompton road store of chanel
  3. they call it the baguette :smile:
  4. Oh, thank you. I had a friend in London, she went on a trip to China though. wonder if they will ship to U.S. from the London store.
  5. great choice! i LOVE the e/w! you won't regret it ;) and good luck
  6. you can always try personalshoppers on eBay. they sell authentic bags - they sometimes have the e/w
  7. Personalshoppers is just so EXPENSIVE.
  8. they do ship overseas:tup: