Please Help - Lining Material of Birkin and Kelly

  1. I have seen many photos of the inner lining of Birkins and Kellys. The material is usually leather. Are there exceptions?
  2. Christiflora, I hope someone here can answer your question. Wish I was more knowledgeable.
  3. Most leather Birkins are lined in chevre. Crinolin is lined in fabric, and I think croc is too. Not sure what toile is lined with...
  4. Toile is lined in Chevre. Most leather bags are lined in chevre marrocain. Croc can be lined in chevre or toile. Massai bags are lined in toile, no matter what leather. Swft bags tend to be lined in swift leather.
  5. Bolides and PAris-Bombays are lined in agneu (lamb skin).
  6. I saw a miel glazed crocodile kelly on eBay has leaher lining, but a matt crocodile kelly (around same year make) has canvas/fabric lining. Is it possible?
  7. yes. see above. Some people ask for their crocs to be lined in toile to make it lighter.

  8. I think so, based on GF's post above...I only knew of croc being lined in fabric (to lighten the bag) but it makes sense that either option would be available.
  9. What is toile?
    Is it possible that crocodile kelly has canvas/cloth lining?
  10. It's fabric. Canvas-like. I haven't personally seen it used for interiors but it is one of the options (albeit uncommon) for the outsides of Birkins, Kellys and some other H bags. My crinolin (horsehair) Birkin is lined with a light fabric that has a chevron pattern on it, I don't know what you call that fabric per se, and my amazonia Garden Party is lined similarly.
    I don't know if Hermes uses the term "toile" to simply mean any cottony/lineny fabric, or if they only use the term to mean the canvas fabric used for exteriors of some bags.
  11. Thanks to Pepper, Grand Fords, and mizzle for explanation and knowledge sharing.
  12. Great thread. Thanks for the info GF, Mizzle & Pepper.
  13. Buffalo Birkins are lined in buffalo.