Please help: K32 vs K35 and color.

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  1. Hi everyone! I need your help and expert advice. I am torn between a K32 and a K35. I tend to prefer bigger bags since I like the casual chic look and really regret getting my B30 and now waiting for a B35. However, my SAs has been telling me that they think the K35 will be way too big for me and how they all prefer a K32 on me. Hubby likes the K35, but has never seen it on me to fully make the judgement, and I am honestly torn.

    Also, my SA gave me a few options to choose from: Ultra Violet, Candy Brique, Rouge Casaque, and Black. My initial instinct is either UV or RC, but kind iffy on UV since I have a B30 Cassis.

    If any of you guys have any pictures of the sizes in action or any of the colors, please kindly post them. It will definitely help me make up my mind. TIA :smile:!!!

  2. I would do rouge casaque 35! If you feel the B30 is too petite, the 32 kelly will feel similar (at least it did to me when i tried it) because it doesn't stay all one height-- it is narrower at the top. And Rouge Casaque is such a fun, timeless red.
  3. I prefer retournes: larger Kelly, 35/pop color and tend to skip 32s all together...
  4. i assume you are referring to kelly retourne 32 or 35. UV is stunning but if you already have cassis then no, unless you are a real purple fan and/or you want to collect colours!! k32 and k35 would not make a big difference in a retourne imho for the less structured leathers like togo/clemence/swift..but the k35 can look bigger and more briefcase like in structured leathers like box/epsom..i have a k32 retourne togo and k35 retourne epsom and the k35 looks and feels a lot bigger than the 3cm difference because of its rigidness..i have seen petite women carry k35 and it looks great!

    if you like pop, then i would pick RC, neutral then brique, and since you like big bags, pick k35. hth.

    i have a modelling pic with my brique candy epsom k35 (post 1464).
  5. Thank you ladies. I think I made up my mind. K35 RC it is! I just hope they have RC in K35 because when my SA was telling me the colors, they were all for the K32. I was also looking in the action thread and saw a beautiful K32 in black. I suppose you can never go wrong with black either. Thank you so much :smile:. Hopefully, all the stars align, so I can come back and do a reveal :smile:.
  6. If you prefer B35, then definitely you will also prefer K35 rather than K32. I was in the same situation like you last year when I was a H newbie. My first bag is a B30 and I realised it was too small for my necessities. Finally I sold it away and changed to B35, which is the correct size fr me. This year, I finally managed to get a K35 frm my local store and no regrets eversince. I am 5'7 btw.

    I believe in the end it should be you who make the final decision. Don't settle just because the SAs' opinions. Good luck :smile:
  7. Pardon my ignorance, but what is a retourne? I know I should search and read up on the different Ks, but having a LO constantly yanking your phone does not help much :/. Would appreciate your expertise.
  8. The Retourne 35 Rouge Casaque for sure and then get a canvas strap!
  9. retourne is the more casual style kelly, inside stitching. sellier is outside stitching. formal rigid classic kelly. here are comparison pics. the orange is retourne, the vert clair is sellier. hth. :smile:

  10. I agree! I think RC would be a nice add to your collection. And since you love bigger bags, go for the 35. If you can get a canvas strap, go for it! Would look fabulous with your Kelly :yes:!
  11. Thank you so much! I like them both!
  12. I think you should go for the Kelly in 35 as well, if you find the Birkin 30 too small. Here's a comparison pic of my Birkin 30 (batwinged), Kelly 35 Sellier, and Birkin 35 (not batwinged).

  13. Lovely choice, can't wait for your reveal......oooh!
  14. Perfect choice of RC K35!
  15. Get K35 in RC..versatile and size-wise more suitable for your height..