please help, just got a fake chanel from snobonline

  1. i'm so upset. what am i going to do? the return policy is all sales are final. i just emailed them and still waiting for their reply.
    i'm not a chanel expert, but just touching the bag, i can tell it's cheaply made, like pleather or something. the screws are the phillips and no inside serial no.
    what am i going to do?!
  2. I'm so sorry this happened but did you check with anyone here before buying, I'm not aware of any authorized on-line Chanel dealer.........
  3. call your credit card company NOW!
  4. i saw on a thread here that snob online sells authentics. anyhow i called them and they said it's real and told me to go to a chanel boutique, but don't they take it away if it is fake?
    anyhow she said to send it back to her and she'll get it authenticated or something. but if the screws are wrong then it's definitly a fake right?
  5. btw, she told me to look inside the zipper and there is a serial no., isn't it supposed to be on the bottom corner? sorry to vent, i'm freaking out here
  6. My girlfriend is a manager at chanel. Company policy is that they can not offically tell you if anything you bring there is real or fake.
    I would call your credit card company and use the word FRAUD.
    Let them do the work... they will get your money back.
    Hope this helps!
  7. You can also post pics in the "authentic this" thread here on the Chanel forum and the girls will tell you specifically what is wrong with it.
  8. definately post pics, someone will be able to help you in the authenticate thread.
  9. my camera is with dh now. but talked to cc company and they told me to send the item back with delivery confirmation and they will be sending paperwork to me to dispute the item.
    thanks everyone for your advise.
  10. the thing that really got me was the phillip screws.....
  11. Only if the screws were replaced, which I have seen once or twice on an authentic bag sold on eBay.

    Do you have a link or item# for the bag you bought from Rula?

  12. i just checked, it's off her website already. it's a small flap for 630.
  13. Without pictures I don't know how to help.:sad:
  14. best to just go ahead and post photos in the Authenticate This sticky please.