Please help - Juicy dilemma!

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  1. is having a fairly major sale on Juicy Velour right now. I love Juicy stuff, but don't own any, nor have I ever tried any on. The items on final sale are not returnable, and I'm thinking about ordering something, but I don't know what size to get.

    Its the velour zip jacket. The colour I want is available in all 4 sizes - P,S,M and L - but which one am I? Cos I can't return it?:sad:

    I'm 5'7, 120-130 pounds. Chest 34(B), waist 27-28''.

    Anyone know what size I should go for?

    Oh, and if anyone has an opinion on the colour its most welcome. Its King's Pond - my colouring is pretty much the same as the model wearing it - pale skin, reddish hair.

    I'll shut up now.:shame: Thanks!
  2. hmm im 5'8 130 pounds and 34(c) waist 26-27 I wear size L on my juicy hoodie... I like the hoodie a bit loose.

    I think you can get a size medium =D
  3. ^^ Thanks!

    ETA: Ignore me - I just checked again and they only have black in M. :sad:
  4. just keep in mind that Juicy track suits are form fitting and run small. I am 5' 5" about 125lb and wear mediums and larges depending on the style.
  5. i would say medium. i have a friend who is your size and she always gets medium.
  6. OK- I am the SAME exact sizes as you!too funny-I wear size small and own alot of juicy!
  7. I say maybe S-M will do. They goes alittle big I think so if you want more slim fit I think S will be good.
  8. I agree with others - medium is the way to go. Good luck! They are really comfy.
  9. Hehe - my upper body measurement twin!:biggrin:

    I bet your hip measurement is better than mine tho'.:blink:
  10. I wear ALOT of those sweatsuits, GO FOR THE BLACK MEDIUM! It will be perfect on your size!
  11. oh Star, you minx, you!
  12. Cheeky Star! :biggrin: Anyway, the black isn't on sale, and I'm far too pale for that colour. Next time there's a sale I'll just have to move faster.
  13. For future reference, the King's Pond color is gorgeous. I was on the hunt for it for a while, and finally got one a few months ago. I highly recommend it--it's a beautiful teal color.
  14. ^^ I know - I've been in love with it since day one. But I prolly won't be able to get it now - its last season. :sad:
  15. Medium hoodie will be fitted (not tight). Large will be loose- more like a track jacket.
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