PLEASE help! I've found a stray and don't know what to do

  1. I am at my in-laws lakehouse and last night when the DH and I got here there was a beautiful lab waiting outside the door. She has no tags/no collar. It's kind of a rural area so we just went to bed and thought she'd find her way home by morning. She was outside *all night*, by the door. Very sweet, very loving, and obviously nowhere near home. My husband tried to take her up to a development we thought she may have come from, but she followed him back here.

    We're thinking she was dropped off and abandoned. It breaks my heart. She's been here all day playing with my dogs. We finally fed her and she scarfed it down. I could maybe take her temporarily, but then I'm afraid that she may just be lost and we live an hour away in another city. We're going home today. I'm so upset, she's an amazing dog. Should I start going door-to-door in that development with her, or take her back and try to find her a home in my city, or take her to a shelter (knowing she's a black lab... and a turn-in?)?? I will never EVER be able to see how people can treat animals like disposable objects.

    Please advise, I'm quite upset and really need the experts right now!

    ETA: The neighbors say she's been around since Friday and no one knows who's she is. This reaffirms the possibility of her being dumped.
  2. I say take her with you where you know she'll be safe. (She gets along with your other dogs all right, doesn't she?)
    While you're taking care of her you can find out whether or not the dog actually belongs to somebody.
  3. i agree with caitlin. what if she was really abandoned and if you drop her off at the shleter noone wants her and they put her to sleep.... that'd be sad....
  4. Thanks ladies. Yes, she's precious and totally gets along with my other dogs. I have a feeling she'd be put down quickly if I took her to a shelter around here (being one of many labs). I cannot bear that, I will just have to take it upon myself to find her a good home!
  5. How sad!!! I agree with should take her...she sounds like a very good dog... just waiting all night..if you cannot take her home, then definitely try a shelter. It would break my heart to just leave her there.

    I would later take a picture, write up a few signs describing her and placing them at the grocery store, pet shop, coffee shops, etc.

    I wish you could just drop her off with me! Good Luck! Let us know what you decided! *sniff*
  6. You're so sweet! THanks gr8, I love the advice about the signs. Thank you for your advice!
  7. It is heart-warming that you are willing to help this poor lost soul.

    I agree with everyone else. I would take the dog with you. You can call a LabRescue organization and they will probably take the dog from you. These rescue groups never euthanize the dogs...they find homes instead. I think you can find a rescue group by typing Labrador Retriever Rescue into Google.

    The dog may be micro-chipped and your vet's office can do a scan and tell you if she has been. Her owner's name and phone number would come up then.

    Good luck to you and the baby you found.

    Thanks for helping her!:heart:
  8. I love you for caring so much. This just pulls at my heartstrings.

    If you put signs up, make sure you leave some description out so that way if she is lost the rightful owner will have a better chance getting their dog back.
    Like, her color. Describe as a lab. And someone calling will have to KNOW she is black.

    Good luck with it.
  9. Thanks again guys, you really helped in that I think we did the right thing...

    UPDATE: She's home with us now. She's soooo good and has been very well-behaved. I gave her a bath in the yard (DH's stipulation for her coming inside for the night) and she just stood there letting me rub her. Then, I was bringing in some bags and I had her outside with my other dogs, and she nudged open the door.... but just stood there at the threshold until I told her to come in! :shocked::tender: Her body is very concave now that I see her better, and she ate ANOTHER 2 bowls of food. Her ribs are poking out.

    She's spunky and goofy and I'm so glad that we decided to help her. My mission now is to find her a good home!
    Tomorrow I'm going to the vet and having her scanned for a chip. I'm also putting out flyers as suggested, with some-- but not all-- her info. Just in case.

    Here are some pictures... I'm emailing friends as we speak, the campaign has begun!


  10. aww too cute! such a shame if someone abandoned her :sad: if you can't keep her or find an owner, you can take her to a NO KILL shelter (ask them they should tell you if they are one) or better yet a Lab rescue. Rescues are the best about putting a dog in the best home. good luck, very nice of you to take her in!
  11. aww! this happened to me a 3 years ago! An old Beagle showed up at my house 1 day after Christmas! He never left so we took him in! I felt SO bad b/c he was really old and worn out! He was the sweetest thing EVER!! He stayed with us for 2 years befor he died :crybaby:

    I think you should keep her or find a nice home for her! But don't bring her to a shelter! I'm scared they may put her to sleep
  12. awwww, she is so gorgeous, could you not just keep her?
  13. ^^ Believe me I've considered it, but we already have 2 boys (see avatar :tender:) and adding another to the bunch would be a strain. We are also planning to start a family soon, and we travel we take our dogs with us and we don't have a car big enough for a 3-dog car... things like that. But she'll be with me until I find her a home *I* approve of (my best friend is one potential owner, fingers crossed on that one!)
  14. Sorta random, but this wasn't in Wisconsin was it? My dad's coworker's dog just ran away at their lake house, it was a lab.

    Anyway, keep her if you can and call the shelters, local police to see if anyone has reported a missing dog. She looks like such a sweetheart though, hopefully you'll be able to keep her if no one claims her.
  15. Nope Blue, this was actually in Alabama. How GREAT would that have bee though?!?