Please help! Ive been going back and fourth all day!

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  1. HELP! I don't know which one to buy! I've been going back and fourth all day trying to decide between the Bleecker weekender in chili or the legacy tote in navy/mahogany! I love them equally and every time I choose one, my heart starts melting for the other! I need everyone's help, I'm looking for an overall reliable work/school/everyday bag that will last be for years to come! Which one would you buy?
    image-1677201655.jpg image-2236849765.jpg
  2. I was going to say Chili! You can never go wrong with a classic red bag - however, is the one in your avatar there for a reason?
  3. If could have two pictures as my avatar I would have both bags lol! :smile:
  4. The chilli. That thing is dam gorgeous!
  5. I think the color of the tote is better for daily use, won't show as many smudges and booboos - HOWEVER I think the Bleeker will hold up better, with the reinforced corners.

    How about the Bleeker in Marine?

  6. No question about it, the Bleecker weekender in chili.:P
  7. Bleeker in Chili or another color. I like that bag better.
  8. Ooh, they are both so gorgeous. I'm going to say the legacy tote. It is more classic.
  9. Bleeker
  10. Is there any way to try them on in person to see which would fit you better? I'd go for comfort, even though I LOVE that red!!
  11. I have! And that's why I fell in love with the legacy tote! It literally have the thickest most amazing leather I have ever felt on a coach bag! But I also love the suppleness and color of the weekender!
  12. The Bleecker travel tote should be easier to get in and out of. I think the other tote is smaller, so it might be easier to carry. But it seems very formal.

    Think about the color though. Chili is very attention getting and will define you. The tote comes in so many great colors, including several browns, and it is very large. Get the color that is most "you". Think about it for a couple of weeks and look at the pictures of the ones you like everyday. Think about how you would feel carrying it around.

    If you cannot stop thinking about the Bleecker weekend tote, you will eventually get it anyway, so you might as well get the purchase out of the way.

    Also, there is a smaller Bleecker business tote with a shoulder strap, and there are some new colors coming (not sure which colors in which tote, but the SAs should know). The shoulder strap might be nice for school. I think I would get the Bleecker Business tote in an interesting color when you get a chance to see them.
  13. Love the bleeker!
  14. I love the bleeker tote, too. It's an amazing color and looks like one of those bags that will wear beautifully, just improve with use!
  15. question!