Please Help Item SNAD!!!!!

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  1. I won a purse on ebay last week that was described as NEW With Tags and I just received it today and the bag is definitely not NEW. The inside has two holes pierced through the interior leather pocket, there are stains all over the inside the bag, pen marks, it is totally disgusting. I contacted the seller who claimed that the outside was perfect. :wtf: As far as I'm concerned if a bag is NEW the inside and outside should be perfect. I'm so mad.

    She offered me a partial refund but it's not enough of a refund for me to actually keep this bag. I told her I will return it and I want a full refund. She responded saying she charges a 15% restocking fee but if the bag is as I say it is she won't charge me the fee. :wtf: I've already paid twentysomething dollars to have it shipped to me, then I'm going to have to pay that same amount to send it back. I'll be out $50 after paying the shipping both ways.
    I don't know what to do. I obviously wouldn't have purchased it if I knew the actual condition.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm not sure what steps to take next. Should I file a paypal claim?
  2. File a claim through pp. You should be able to recoup your cost and shipping with no fee. Make sure to save the auction and also take pics of the bag to show pp. Best of luck and I am sorry you got a used bag instead of a new one, I know how carppy that can be.
  3. Thank You so much for your advice. I will file a claim with paypal. I've never experienced this before and I don't want to lose the money and the bag. :Push: The seller told me to ship it back and she'll inspect it but that doesn't sound like a good idea to me. I was too trusting in the first place, that's what got me in this whole mess.
  4. I would go through paypal. You will probably only end up paying to ship it back. Unfortunately you dont usually get a refund for that. I wonder why the seller needs to see it to decide. She must have known what she sent to you!
  5. Paypal could possibly refund the money I paid to have it shipped to me? :confused1: If so that will be awesome. I was wondering the same thing, why she has to see it to decide if she's going to charge me. The one and only reason I'm returning it is because it's all messed up inside and it was advertised as NEW. :cursing: I'm so tired of ebay. Lately I'm having nothing but trouble.
  6. Huh I never heard of this. Just start a paypal dispute (click on transaction in question, then file a dispute. Once done, go back to your account summary, click on the dispute, then look for the claim button to escalate it to a claim), you need to start it as a dispute before you make it into a claim. You can do it one after another without delay. When you escalate it to a claim, paypal will instruct you to return the item (make sure you use signature confirmation), and then upon doing so they will reimburse you.
  7. Thank You for the info chipmunk!! :flowers: The seller keeps offering me more and more money to keep the bag but I'm not happy with the amount she's offering me because the condition of the inside of the bag is so poor. :yucky: I don't think I could ever be happy with the bag because it was not what I expected I was getting.
  8. go through paypal and you dont have to pay any kind of restocking fees.... you will get everything bag but ur shipping back to her (including her shipping hcarge to you).
    if paypal making you pay the fee bcux that is her rule then they are BIG A$$H0L3 because they dont honor our seller's return policy.
  9. Do what everyone here says, go thru Paypal.
    Does this seller think you won't follow thru?
  10. I'm confused and hoping someone can help. I opened a paypal dispute and sent an email to the seller through there. The seller responded saying please return the bag. Can I now send the bag back or do I need to escalate to a claim before I send it back to her? :confused1: TIA
  11. OMGGGGGGG when it rains it pours. I am having so much trouble w/ebay & paypal :crybaby:

    I'll take any advice I can get. My seller is now asking me to withdraw the paypal claim and she said she will refund me the amount of the bag. So I'm assuming she means less shipping. Anyway she's also trying to mutually withdraw from the transaction on ebay so that she gets her fees back but I haven't gotten my money back yet. I just received the bag yesterday. I'm so confused. Do I just ship the bag back to her and hope for the best :confused1:

  12. paypal doesn't look at pictures or ask for them if they do look at pictures it will be the ones from the auction. If you open a claim and try to submit pictures you won't have a option to do that
  13. Do not withdraw the PayPal claim until you have the refund in your PayPal account. She is trying to con you. Ship the bag back with signature confirmation, and if she does not refund your full amount, escalate to a claim. If you have already escalated to a claim, let her know that you will not back down until you have all of your money back (including original shipping charge). Also, please don't do anything yet regarding mutually withdrawing from a transaction so that she can get her listing fees. She knows what she sold you. It's horrible that you have to go through this, but wait on your full refund before doing anything that she asks of you.

  14. Don't close the claim if you do if anything goes wrong you won't be able to open it again. She might refund you minus the bullsh.t 15% she want to charge you.

    Since she lied about the purse i wouldnt agree to a mutual withdraw
  15. I pm'd you.. but wanted to add. Make sure you insure the bag when you return it. My buyer sent me back a $1400 bag without insuring it!! Boy wouldn't she have been horrified if that bag was lost during the return!