Please HELP! Is this normal for Balenciaga City GH?

  1. Hi everyone. I am fairly new to TPF and brand new to Balenciaga. After much deliberation, I purchased the Balenciaga city with the big hardware in medium brown and in beige. I am so in love with them but noticed (as I was taking them out of the dust bag for the first time) that the brown one is really faded in the corners. The beige one is perfect. I took it back to Barneys and they said that this was normal. They offered to exchange it but they only had one other brown one and that one als had the same faded corners. I proceeded to check out every other city in every other color they had and the faded corners aren't on any of them! Should I keep the brown one? Is this really normal? Is it going to get worse? Will it also happen to the beige one? Help! I am freaking out!
    P.S. The first picture of the corner is with flash and the rest are without.
    Balenciaga 002.jpg Balenciaga 001 (2).jpg Balenciaga 003.jpg Balenciaga 004.jpg Balenciaga 005.jpg
  2. oh wow, that looks really really faded or cracked??? can they get you another one? that doesnt look normal to me... maybe others can chime in? are they the mastic and mogano/cinnamon colors? city?
  3. I just read the colors off the receipt. This is my first experience with Balenciaga. They said I can exchange it but like I said the other brown one that they had looked the same. I guess I could return it but I really wanted the brown for a couple of outfits it would look great with.
  4. A little fading is normal over a long period of time (especially with lighter colored bags). However, the fading on your cafe is NOT normal. That's horrendous that it's that faded and it's supposed to be brand new. And on both sides, to boot!

    I'd return it ASAP and demand a new one. One of the reasons I've decided to only buy from Balenciaga NY is because of their strict return policy. While it's great that NM and Barneys have a good return policy sometimes it bites another buyer in the butt. Once, when I was looking at some black bbags firsts in N.Marcus I found a gum wrapper in an interior pocket! I asked the SA if it was used or if it was a return and he said, "Of course not!". Uh huh. Yeah right!:cursing:
  5. Thanks Lordguinny. I appreciate your comments. I am really brokenhearted because they only have one other cafe (that's the proper name, no?) and it has the same issue. I have been forever trying to find the perfect brown bag. The search goes on....
  6. That amount of fading is not cool!

    Check out, they have a GH City in Cafe (reasonable price too)
  7. Thanks! Have you ordered with them before?
  8. Hi, I think the brown one looks horrible in the corners. I think you have the cinnamon/mogano color. My mogano city is absolutely not like that one. I would return it and buy from another source.
  9. Oh no. Please demand an exchange. That is not normal to any new Bbags!!
  10. I am sorry that your bbag looks so faded. I have the cafe day in GGH and Love it so I understand your disappointment.It is a beautiful brown!!! Is there any chance they could send in another bag from one of the other Barneys and hopefully that one would look like brand new. It's worth a try since your really want that color. They should be willing to do that I would think as good customer service.
  11. No I haven't but I've read alot of positive reviews.

    Check your silver tag on the brown bag... what letter does the tag end with? Is it a 'U' or a 'V'
  12. I will check it as soon as I get home, I'm at work now. What does the U or V mean?
  13. I wouldn't say that normal for a 'new' bag..not at all.
  14. The letter indicates the season, whether it's an 07 spring/summer or fall/winter bag. I was asking so we can determine which brown colour the bag is.
  15. mlle, try out the sienna color. From the photos it looks gorgeous!