Please help is this Mulberry real

  1. I bought a Mulberry Bleheim canvas bag from E-bay a couple of months ago item no 290109058051 is it genuine does anyone know? I know that Mulberry produced a Roxanne version last year. The buyer was adamant that it is genuine and that I am welcome to get it authenticated by Mulberry but I am not sure

  2. Not enough pics to tell but do as the seller says get it authenticated at Mulberry , when ever i sell handbags i alsways state the buyer can have the handbag authenticated at the relevant store. This is the only way you will ever be sure and don't leave it any longer because it has been 2 months so if it turns out not to be real you won't get a refund :crybaby:
  3. I can't tell from the photos but they did produce a canvas blenheim in this colourway, and I would be inclined to think this one is genuine.
  4. Thanks guys I will go along to Mulberry next week to be certain!!
  5. It also has a serial number 016866 and a Made in China black tag with MZ on it. Another question is do Mulberry dust bags slightly differ from one to the next. I have two dust bags that have the same soft brown cotton material, but the Mulberry tree on one is more of bronze and the other is gold.
  6. I would go along with other members and take the bag to a Mulberry store for confirmation and would comment that l purchased two Emmys direct from Mulberry the day of their outlet sale - one in chocolate brown the other in black. I could not beleive the difference in dust bags - one is a reddish brown with a faint mulberry tree logo on it and the other is brown with a more prominent dark gold mulberry tree logo - both delivered in the same box direct from Mulberry. Therefore, l dont think you can necessary go by the dust bags. :smile: