please help!!!!! Is this Dior Saddle Bag is authentic?????

  1. hi there
    i had bought my first dior saddle bag but i'm afraid that this might be fake. the seller will give my money back if i can prove that it's fake
    so somebody in here please help me !!!!!!
    If it's authentic, i will be very happy to keep it.
    If it's FAKE, i will show the seller this thread.

    here is some more picture from my other threads
  2. ^ hi bewitchie,

    just a lil bit of advice, you need to post any authenticity questions in the "Authenticate This" thread on the top of the subforum - as lorihmatthews had mentioned in your previous thread.

    next up, i'm a bit rusty with authenticating, but as far as i know, the interior tag on the saddle is just a wee bit odd. there's no serial number on the back of the tag and the words look like they were just printed on instead of embossed on.

    although i'd wait for ultimatechic or nat to weigh in on it's authenticity though. hope that helps.
  3. thanks a lot zerodross

    That really helps. Anyway, i already put that thread in the AUTHENTICATE. Sorry for that. I'm kinda new here