Please help! Is this a real Gucci?

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    If anyone can help me determine if this is a real Gucci. I just bought this off of ebay, of course it would be before learning about!! Now, after reading the horror stories about ebay, I think it may be a fake and was hoping an expert/Gucci owner that owns the same bag can tell from the photos. Please help! Thanks!!
  2. Sorry, but the handle/shoulder leather strap doesn't look right. It's hard to be sure because I can't get a close-up of the bag. Goodluck, I hope I'm wrong!
  3. FAKE - eBay is full of that particular model and they are ALL fake - take a look at the price - under $300 for a $1150 purse -claiming to be NEW, come on!!!!
  4. pursemama is right...the handle looks a little flimsy. The leather is quite thick on a real one and shouldn't bend so much as it looks in that picture. :yes:
  5. Oh NO, it seems I just purchased a fake on ebay! I feel like a fool! I haven't gotten the bag yet but I will take some photos and some closeups. Maybe the auction photos are just bad angles. Please check back for my photos of the bag and maybe you can tell me again.
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