Please help! Is it still possible to find this reissue?

  1. I have a friend who is looking for a 225 reissue, I guess from previous season. She sent me a picture of a black one, but she is looking for a red or purple. I am not sure if she will be able to find them or if there are them still out there.

    Please help to give me some ideas. Many thanks.:heart::heart::yes:
  2. Check the shopping forum. Sometimes Tpf's purchase handbags and they end up not working out, so they will post when they plan to return to the stores.
  3. red probably hard to find. but you can try purple in the stores. try Saks. call any Saks and check around. they sometimes have purple 225 size on the floor. or try chanel hawaii. its not too late. good luck.
  4. Thanks,ladies, I will try both.
  5. Chanel Saks stores are already sold out of the Metallic purple 225's. Check on the forum to see if any are being returned...
  6. I was at Saks Beverly Hills on thursday and they had the purple 225 available.