Please help--Is it ok to call and ask how much longer?

  1. I am waiting for a gold, gh 35 birkin ordered at FSH store. another poster apparently got a call about this bag. Do you think I can call the store in Paris to see how much longer it iwll take for mine to come in? or will calling annoy them? of course, I don't have SA's name or anything...
  2. When did you order it?
  3. In September...about 5 weeks ago...
  4. You've got awhile, then; they take some time. I wouldn't call yet.
  5. way to early (unless you are very lucky and get one from the floor offered) i say hang in there and pop in the store ever so often. if you can´t call in around 4 month
  6. BTW I just wanted to say that sometimes even if you're waiting for a bag in a certain combination, you shouldn't get too upset if you hear that one in that color combo went to another customer because it very well could have been made in a leather that either you specified you did not want, or the SA didn't think you would want (sloucy vs. rigid, textured vs. smooth, etc)

    I know it's hard to wait, but try to be patient!
  7. My bag from FSH took 7 months to arrive so I definitely wouldn't call for at least a few more months. When it arrived I didn't get a phone call or anything, it just arrived on my doorstep.
  8. That's interesting. I don't think mine will just arrive as SA never asked for credit card and so does not have one.
  9. ^^It'll get sent to the store if you ordered it, and they'll call you and have you come in... but I'm surprised she didn't get your credit card number and when the bag is done havit billed to you :confused1: Then again I'm not an expert, and far from getting a Birkin.
  10. In that case they will most certainly call you to arrange for payment. I prepaid for mine to secure the exchange rate at the time. In any event, definitely give it a few months.
  11. They will call, fax or write to you once it's ready.

    Believe me, they haven't lost, misplaced or forgotten your order. I once ordered something a little out of the ordinary, thought it had been lost in the system and wrote it off, but then some months after, I got notification that it was ready.