Please help!!! Ink on vachetta

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  1. My son colored pen on my Neverfull!!! I have no idea what to do and I’m hoping someone here has the solution for it please!

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  2. Unfortunately there’s nothing that can be done without ruining the leather. You can have the store replace both of the straps for about $180 I believe (someone correct me if I’m wrong)
  3. To be honest, it is obvious, that it was done by a child. And to be honest, it looks kinda cool. The untreated leather is supposed to age with us and reserve the stories of our journeys. And what is a better story that him being artistic. Imagine yourselves 20 years from now. The Neverfull will still be good and functional, and you will have a bag that will remind you and your son of the fun times you had when he was young.
    Louis Vuitton will replace the handles for you, but if I were you, I would keep it.
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    OP, when I read your post my thoughts were exactly that of Bull’s post above before I even read any responses to you. I’d keep it, at least for now. You can’t clean it off. It would have to be replaced but if it were me I’d keep it. There’s a story behind it. It’s his artwork, his mark :smile: and I think it’s cool. The vachetta will age over time. One day you may decide to change it. I wouldn’t rush into anything. Accept it for now and think about it. You can always carry that side of the bag against your body so it doesn’t show. You may grow to love the mark he left for you. :smile:
  5. You made me cry happy tears. Thank you for this.
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  6. This also made me cry happy tears. Thank you.
  7. I agree with everyone else, keep it! My children are grown and it's all those memories that I LOVE the most. Some people put their kids artwork on the refrigerator, you get to show off your babies artwork to everyone!
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  8. I would keep it. My cousin has a 4 y/o and she likes to draw on anything and everything. We were at dinner one time and and she was quiet. Everyone know if it's quiet in the house, it means she's doing something "terrible" Lol..well, my niece ended up drawing "flowers" on her azur speedy. She proudly said: "mommy i drew flowers for you" and my cousin just said "oh's beautiful sweetheart". But deep down i know she felt the horror.
  9. I have a lovely home, keep it clean, lovely furniture. In one corner of our home, on the wall, is a lovely mural done by my son when he was 2. In our brand new home. It's of our whole family. Wonky figures with smiley faces. He's 8 now and we refuse to paint over it.
    It might not warm your heart today but it will someday:smile:
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    Similar story to the others--I bought a hand-carved signed goose sculpture years ago. I kept it on the floor and my then pug puppy (gone now 10 years) would chew on the beak. My BF was pretty upset--"look what's she's doing! That wasn't cheap!" and while I moved the goose where she couldn't reach it (and gave her toys to chew), I knew that I would cherish those little puppy teeth chew marks some day. And I do and smile every time I dust it.

    What you have is original now.
  11. Yes. Think of it as an autograph. Many people purposely deface a personal item just to have someone's signature on it.
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    Please delete this comment.
  13. My little boy is a 23 year-old man now. We rush through our lives, blink and they’re grown.

    The little boy with shiny eyes who said he'd live with me forever has grown to find other women to love (as he should). If I could make him 3 again long enough to draw on a bag he could have his pick.:smile:
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  14. This made me cry happy tears. I was just telling my husband how fast the last 12 years has flown by with our son. I held him as long as I could and held his hand as long as he would let me. It reminds me to enjoy every little moment that we share.
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