Please help, information on Tulita

  1. Does anyone own a Tulita and can help me with the following:

    Does the bottom have 4 studs or 2?

    Does the inside zip have a metal or leather pull?

    Is the key stud plain or engraved?

    Many thanks! Senta
  2. Hi Sentavita,
    After reviewing your photos, I would have to say the bag has some very questionable features. I have never seen any JC Tulita bag with satin/taffeta lining inside the pocket. Also the key snap and zipper pull are really questionable. Everyone I have ever seen has been engraved and noth metal. Last, I have bought 6 bags from Saks this year and I have never seen the tag attached inside the bag in that manner.
    I would be very inclined to return the bag if the return policy is still valid.