Please help info needed on - NEO CABAS AMBRE tote!

  1. Does anyone know what the retail of this bag is/ was:

    My pilates instructor is interested in one and I just don't know much about the LV jelly bags.

    What do you guys think a good price is?
    The one she's looking at @ a consignment store is over 1K, which seems like alot for a jelly bag, but I don't know what this style goes for:confused1:
    She want to use it as an everyday bag, but I don't know how this style would hold up for that- what do you think?

    Any thoughts from you guys would really be appreciated:smile::smile:

    THANK YOU LV members!!
  2. Did I post this in the right section?:shrugs:
  3. The one in the auction went for a good price IMO. These were pretty hard to come by, when you find them nowadays, the retail is up there.
    Not sure what the retail was though.
  4. Thanks - LV baby doll, appreciate your response.
    I don't know a thing about the LV jelly bag and my friend doesn't have alot of money so its big purchase for her, so I want to get as much info for her as I can.
  5. I know that the Cabas PM retailed for $1,150 USD, but that's not the bag you're inquiring about. :push:

    According to what I have saved on a Word Document, the Neo Cabas retailed for $2,050 USD.
  6. Thanks John:smile:

    How do you think the jelly will hold up as an everyday bag?
  7. oh...I forgot to mention.
    To take the time and effort to help us out like you do is AWESOME!
    Thank you.:tup::tup:
  8. ^^^ You're very welcome! It's my pleasure helping out a fellow tPF'er in need when it comes to LV. ;)

    I think the Neo Cabas would hold up great! It's structure looks pretty durable and tough.
  9. Yup, I agree. It's not as delicate as it may look...just as long as she doesn't scrape it against stucco or anything, it should be just fine. :yes:

  10. Hi there! I have no knowledge whatsoever about the bag, but here's one similar to what you have posted..

    You can ask for the experts' opinion if the price is reasonable... and if it is authentic, of course! ;) (I'm pretty sure it is authentic, but just pls double check with them):tup:
  11. thanks Two Chubby cheeks,

    appreciate the link :smile:
    I'm real curious how the plastic part of the bag is holding up for people.
    The style she's looking at is the "neo" one and has a clasp on the top like the suhali le fab.
  12. Well my friend bought one over the weekend at a consignment shop.
    She paid 1250.00 which seems like alot for a jelly bag, but maybe its really stunning in person.
    I'll let you know how it looks when I see it - hope its not fake :O
  13. I'm guessing you have the same thoughts on the prices for the Mirage bags since they're made of PVC? :p

    You can take pics and we can authenticate the bag for ya in the authentication thread. :tup:
  14. Thanks John,

    except for vernis and suhali I'm really out of the loop with LV - and had no idea that the Mirage bags are PCV? Is that the same material as this Ambre Jelly bag? I think the Mirage bags are alot hotter - JMOI :p

    I appreciate your offer to check it out - thank you :smile:
  15. I have the Ambre PM and I absolutely love it! It's expensive b/c of the tortoise shell handles and the PVC doesn't look cheap at all.

    BTW, I thought that these purses were all made in Spain (one of the links above has it "made in italy")? :confused1: