Please help in sorting out for a birkin!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I need some advice from you all. I am planning to get a birkin soon but given so many choices of colours (they all look great to me) and leathers it makes me very hard to decide what i really want. I decided to get the size 35 since I have a lot of things to carry including occasionally some baby stuff.

    In choosing the leather, I kind of sorted out to 3 types which are togo, clemence and epsom. I dont know which one I like best. I want to look casual and chic. I want a soft leather feel to touch. Once I have a birkin, I will wear it with the buckle and straps open. So many pros and cons for each leather. I'm so so so confused :confused1:

    As for colours, I want a basic colour but standout when carrying it. Which one do you think a better colour that suits everything, brighton blue, gold, etoupe or the classic black? many of my friends said that black one is the easiest to copy thats why there are so many fake black birkins out there. Any other colour suggestion?

    The more I read this forum, the more confusing I will be. All of them are so beautifulllllllll :yes:

    Please tell me tell me tell me what i should get???

    Thanks heapssss.
  2. Welcome! I'd go for Togo or Clemence if you want it soft and slouchy-casual. I think all the colors you picked would be great neutrals. I'm partial to gold and black...and blue. It's tough...I love all of them! :yahoo:
  3. It's really accepting that you will NEED at least one of each... which one to start with ..........?
  4. I really like Etoupe as a new neutral. Go for's in between Clemence ( softest) and Epsom (stiffer)....
  5. I agree with CB that if you want soft leather, togo or clemence would be better than epsom.
    To wear with everything, I'd do black or gold.
    What colors are predominantly in your closet? I find that sometimes I don't want to carry a black bag. In the spring/summer I like gold.
    I wouldn't worry about which color the fakers do more of. I would choose the color that would be most versatile for my wardrobe.
  6. I vote togo or clemence...what color hw do you want? that will influence my color advice! ;)
  7. :yes: epsom is stiff, clemence is very soft and slouchy, and togo is in the middle - but still softer than epsom.
  8. Clemence or togo for softness. And as to color don't forget chocolate/ebene as a great neutral. If you live in a warm climate I would say gold all the way.
  9. I love all of themmm tooooo after seeing all the pics from other tfr member. Goshhhh... it is so hard to choose from. Which one heavier? togo or clemence?
  10. My vote is for etoupe in clemence.
  11. My all time favorite is my gold w/ gold hardware. It looks great in the winter... Sigh...I just sent it off to the spa, and I miss it already.
  12. Tamarind, i have a rainbow kind of closet :p i am a colourful person, thats why i have 30 different colour bags (mostly LV but I want to change to different brand now since I am so bored with LV and it isn't special anymore since most people in my country have it including the fake one) also have 20 different colour of shoes. I was tempted to get a black one but i always find that black colour is so boring that is why i dont have one :p So I'm looking for the one that suits every colour in my wardrobe. Is that possible? ;)
  13. Definitely palladium hardware RC :smile:
  14. sus, i have 3 chocolate colour bag already. Gold will be a good choice but i have a feeling that my chances to get a gold one is very low :sad: hard to get ....
  15. I can see your favourite colour from your elephant pic :p Does the colour actually really grey IRL? if its a reall grey colour, it looks depressing :sad: I saw the etope colour on box kelly at the H store the other day, the colour looks sooo deep grey with greenish tint, hmmm not my colour. But when i see tpf members pics in clemence or togo, it looks like it has a brown tint. So confusing to me :confused1: