Please help!! in need of some great over the knee boots...

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  1. I know it's still summer.. but i'm dying to find a pair of over the knee..maybe thigh high black or gray suede boots..with a heel. I'm also they wont be over 500. There are some amazing Chloe ones but i can't justify 1200 for boots right now..thats pretty much half of a chanel..

    Please let me know if you ladies have seen any recently and if so where? thank you sooo much!!!
  2. chinese laundry makes cute over the knee boots in suede and leather. I have a pair, and I love them. They aren't a true heel though, there more like a low wedge.
  3. I got a great pair of dolce vitas a few seasons ago from shopbop.
  4. topshop had an amazing pair (in black leather or electric blue suede) for $250, but they are all sold out :sad:

    maybe they'll get some more in?
  5. Thanks girls.. i'll continue the look but if you guys see anything please come back and let me know!! hopeing to find some to wear with some oversized sweater dresses this fall.
  6. would you consider vintage? i got a great pair of vintage OTK boots on ebay a few years ago and LOVE them!
  7. Okay, how do you guys wear over the knee boots?
  8. Chanel had some absolutely beautiful ones about a year ago. I think they probably went on sale...
  9. On, Pour La Victoire's Malorie OTK boot is on sale for under $200 :smile:
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    funny, someone was just asking about this on another message board.

    these are the boots i have:


    this is how i have worn them:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. i like those, but i tend to prefer a matte leather or suede for otk...
  12. they look way better in that pic! btw i am only 5'2" as well..and average body...but i think it can work!
  13. I want a OTK boot for fall/winter. I would pair them with a full length coat and some type of split leg dress. This does not say what the calf size is however.

    What do you think?

    Twig OTK Boot*-* Bergdorf Goodman