Please help in identiying these Hermes pieces

  1. Hi Ladies, I would love your help in identifying, history and when they approx. are made? thank you so much in advance

    First bag I know is the Quito II, the bag has no blindstamp.

    aut1.jpg aut2.jpg aut3.jpg auth4.jpg aut5.jpg
  2. the second which I think is more like a cosmetic bag... there is no blindstamp of any kind and has an eclair zipper.

    aa1.jpg aa2.jpg aa3.jpg
  3. Oh and now my camera battery is up :smile:

    last picture


    I believe this is the Dolly ?

    no blindstamp and it says Hermes paris Made in France..
  4. those are beautiful!
  5. First Beautiful! All of them! The quitoII, does it have a lipstick slot? Did you mention that earlier?
  6. Oh is it lipstick I assumed it was for a pen :smile:
  7. Thank you ladies :smile: those were one of my first purchases... when I only could afford the vintage ones... it's amazing how well and beautiful they still are.
    I'm looking at the thread through the ages, so the make up bag probably before 1970 (because of the stamp) and would be consistent with the eclair zipper
  8. has the (dolly?) listing is as a 1960s bag ref 1644 page 3 of bags no name given I have not finished looking on the site for the the quito
    The other is not a sandrine? There is another bag on the last page of bags looks the same listed as sandrine
  9. Thank you :smile: :flowers: so probably 60-70's
  10. According to the Japanese Brand Mall catalogue, it is the Dolly. The dimensions given are H14.5 x W24 x D6.
  11. thank you evekitti :smile: now we are sure about the name too :smile::heart:
  12. I suppose the Quito II must be made in the same time era as they are so much alike ? The cosmetic bag (at least that's what I think it is) I have never seen anywhere else.
  13. yes I was looking at that one as well.. but the picture is so small... it is hard to tell.
  14. The first bag looks like the Quito II in my Japanese catalogue. The dimensions are H14 x W21 x D2.5 if it helps to identify it.
  15. .

    thank you... so what we can gather is that it is the Dolly & Quito Probably made 70's. The cosmetic bag somewhere between 1959-1970