Please help!! I'm sooo confused about what to buy.

  1. This will be my first venture into a true luxury handbag and after researching for the last week, I can see already it will be an ongoing addiction. Can I please ask some advice as I'm getting more confused my the day..

    I wasn't necessarily after a LV and have looked at various other brands (mainly Gucci which I love too but everything I loved was so heavy) but then I saw the ad for the Damier Azur collection and fell in love. I also like the fact that LV is instantly recognisable and seems to be more classic rather than season-by-season lines that the other brands do.

    I particularly loved the look of the Noe but after reading here, it doesn't seem that popular and I don't like that it doesn't have a zip - I throw my bags around. :shame: Everyone seems to love Speedys so much but I've never owned a hand-held bag and with small children, I'm thinking of practicalities. (But I can imagine it with the heart coin purse - swooooon). The Saleya just doesn't really excite me.

    So, do I look to a completely different range? I'm very much a girly girl and don't usually wear tan leather so the monogram and regular damier look so heavy and dark to me. Monogram is also less appealing due to the horrendous number of fakes around here.. (The only monogram I've really loved is the 2004 Leonor because of the frills - it's soooo sweet!)

    Is there something I've missed that will suit my needs? I prefer softer less structured looks, pretty, shoulder bag, medium sized, softer colours. I live in jeans but with "pretty" tops or vintage inspired dresses. What about the new range coming out - does anything sound like it would cover all that??

    I'm sorry for the epic but I would really appreciate any help from all of you LV experts - I feel sooo out of my depth!


  2. How do you feel about vernis? The Noisette is a light looking color, and the Houston is a medium sized shoulder bag (but not a good shoulder bag if you are wearing a heavy coat). Also the Minna Street fits on the shoulder nicely.
  3. what about their backpacks? they are pretty cool and come in different styles. the bh is a great shoulder bag that you could fit your whole house in without looking like you are carrying luggage.
  4. Hmmm, thanks Sue..I had a look at the vernis instore yesterday but it might just be a bit too umm, obivous?..I'm not sure I love the shiny finish but you're on the right track as far as girlyish goes. The Minna was a bit too formal for me, a little too structured.

    My perfect scenario would be the Azur in a Baggy type design - although I know this is a small bag I love the softness of it and the pockets - it's nice and casual. The city I live in is Summer all year round - very beachy and never a need to dress up too much.
  5. The BH is quite nice and practical..can I just have it in Azur please? :p Off to check out backpacks but possibly not quite feminine enough?
  6. How do you feel about the Multicolore line? They have some good sized shoulder bags.
    It's too bad you don't really care for the Saleya. I think it'd be perfect for your needs/wants! :yes: I think it looks really pretty in Azur.
  7. I hope LV comes out with new Azur styles for you! :smile:
  8. I have a speedy and I have three children...ranging from 4 years old to 9. I am out of the "carrying sippy cups and diapers" stage though. I wasn't sure if I would love having a handheld bag but I do. It's not a bother at all and in fact I prefer it over having a bag hanging on my shoulder all the time. That's just my little opinion - I am a speedy fanatic!
  9. It's just the Saleya is so plain, I like the softness of the Noe, the way it crumples - I know a lot of you hate your bags looking baggy, lol.

    The other bag I really love is the Onatah GM except for the colours - they're too everything else about it and would possibly sell my soul to get a new one with the flowers on it (Fleur?)..just not on eBay..
  10. Thanks's hard because i love the look of it but won't know until I carry it if the handheld factor bothers me. And yep, I'm in sippy cup hell. Mine are 7,5,3 and 1...LOL. Not that I'm a nappy bag wielding mother - we're lucky if I remember to throw a diaper in the bottom of the pram as we leave :p
  11. well lv is coming out with a new design that's mono with lace over it- check out the spring 07 thread. as it is a new design you might want to look into that- the lace makes it girlier and the fact that it's new means it's not as fakes. they do have a bh coming out in that so that might be a good choice for you.

    they also have white epi coming out which would be lovely for a summery place- maybe a mandera in that color would work?

    i personally am not a fan of azur but if i was the noe would be my favorite style. it just looks right in azur. i think you can jimmy the string so it's not so open all the time...
  12. one bag i love that is not too popular is the saumur. you can double the handles so it can be worn messenger style or as a shoulder bag. it's really not that common a bag and looks fantastic in mini lin or mono.

    they are also making a new mini lin color called Dune, I believe which is a tannish/ khaki color which might also be a good choice for you.
  13. The noe is great IMHO! Get it if you like it! I have three noes LOL.
  14. Have you thought about the Denim line? They do have great shoulder bags there and the Denim bags are rather lightweights compared to f.e. Multicolore.
    On the other hand: I've been a shoulder-bag-girl all my life - until I got my 1st hand held LV... Ever since then I feel a bit lost when I have to use a shoulder bag :sweatdrop:
  15. Thanks so much everyone, after much thought yesterday I'm going to wait until the white Epi arrives in Australia and look at a Speedy - with the heart purse I can imagine it being very girly and casual at the same time.
    Thanks again :smile: