Please help! I'm obsessed over an old Chanel bag!!

  1. I saw an amazing Chanel sport tote on this girl a few mos ago. I'm kicking myself because I didn't have the courage to ask her where/when she got it. I mean, to this day I dream of this bag. Bear with me while I try to describe it: I think it's atleast a year or 2 yrs old. It's a khaki colored tote with black handles. The drop of the handles are significant b/c this bag easily rested on her shoulders. I believe it's a microfiber material. Also, it was pretty the size of a Balenciaga work bag.

    Any pfers ever seen or dare I say...own this bag? I'm dying over this sport tote. Any help is appreciated!
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  3. chanel just had a sport line released during fall/winter... you could see if theres anything you like from the latest sports line..

  4. I saw a bag that was similar at Chanel in Las Vegas. I believe it was on sale.