Please help...I'm not sure what to do

  1. I apologize in advance for not posting this in the "authenticate this thread"...I feel like I need more people to see this because I'm under a time crunch to verify the information. And mods, if I'm violating a tPF rule for posting...I'm sorry! I just don't know who else to turn to...I'm not trying to malign anyone...just wanted to know what people think I should do. :confused1:

    LONG POST....

    As some of you may know, I ordered an O/S Muse in chocolate brown from Let-trade last week. I know that Let-trade has a sterling reputation and that they are practically endorsed by people in the LV subforum. I'm afraid that I jumped the gun on purchasing it, without doing all of my research.

    I received the bag yesterday and everything looked and felt authentic. It even "smelled" like it should. I compared the tags that came with it to my Downtown and the tags look identical.

    Upon closer examination, I noticed something unusual with the lock and key. Please refer to picture 5 from the listing: (I couldn't post the picture directly). If you enlarge it, you'll note that there is a "hole" on the underside of the lock that I did not notice previously. I thought that the hole was unusual, so I took it to the YSL boutique in Chevy Chase, MD.

    None of the Muses at the boutique (in all sizes) had a hole in the lock. Upon further inspection, the key was different as well. The Muse I had came with three keys without the YSL engraving, whereas the Muses in the boutique had one key, embossed with "YSL" on it. The associates who helped me said that the bag looked and felt authentic, but didn't know anything about the difference in locks/keys.

    I wrote to Let-Trade this morning, and this was the response: "Hi there. Thank you very much for your email. The reason why your key & lock look different from current muse bag in YSL boutique is because there are different version of muse bag. The earlier product of Muse bag does having a different version of lock & key as the one you got. And the newer product of Muse do having the newer version of key & lock that you saw in YSL boutique."

    Does anyone know if this is true? The Muse I purchased was from 2006. I've been pouring over pictures in this subsection and on eBay, but I cannot tell since there aren't close ups of the locks or keys. There were two auctions on eBay that had the same hole/lock combination and one came from an outlet, so I thought that maybe YSL altered their bags before shipping them to the outlets. I called the outlet at Woodbury and the associate I spoke with told me that the retail store does not do that, and even checked the Muses that they had on hand to confirm.

    What should I do? Could this be a "super fake"? I don't think Let-trade would knowingly sell something that was not authentic since they have such a stellar reputation. They have been professional and communicative, and seem willing to work with me.

    The last thing I am going to do on my end is to call the YSL corporate office to ask if there were different versions of the Muse locks. I'm trying to find out as much information as I can since I have 72 hours to return the item.

    I would appreciate it if people with older Muses can check their locks and keys as well. I'm feeling pretty paranoid :wtf: about the whole situation right now, and hope that I can count people's expertise here. I hope it does not turn out to be a "SuLi was stupid" situation and should have just purchased it from the boutique. Thanks!
  2. Suli, I know you are worried, but I really think this Muse is authentic. I recall people posting regarding earlier versions of Muses having 3 keys vs. one key. Please wait for other responses, but if it's any reassurance, I think you will be fine!
  3. I agree with glitterglo! There are two versions: one with one key etched with the YSL logo and an older model with the lock and 3 keys. If you look at the first several pages of the YSL authenticate thread, some TPF members mention the difference some muses have with keys.
  4. Yes, its always been my understanding that the first batch of Muses that came out in fall 2005, and some in early 2006, had three keys, then YSL switched to one key. There have been threads about this in the past.
  5. This is post #230 written by TPF member Susan-Eric:

    Re: Authenticate This! YSL!
    Originally Posted by Kallie Girl [​IMG]
    My large choc. Muse from the YSL boutique, purchased this fall has one key with the YSL logo on both sides. We have discussed this before and some people said that their authentic Muse came with three keys. I believe the consensus was that it originally came with three but now comes with one.

    I have 2 from 2006, 1st season. One came with 3 keys (black) and 1 came with 1 key (anthracite). Both are medium. There are 2 different lock openings--the one for an old fashioned style key, which is 1 key and the one for a regular key, which is 3 keys. (I hope this doesn't sound as confusing to everyone else as it sounds to me.) Oh--and the single old-fashioned type key has the logo on both sides. The luggage style 3-key sets don't.
  6. Thanks for all the comments on the difference. I hadn't realized and since the search function has been disabled, I haven't been able to search as thoroughly as I would have liked with bugging everyone first!

    Does anyone know about the "hole" on the lock though?
  7. Suli,

    I had some questions about YSL products, and I sent them an email, from their address on their website. I really didn't expect any sort of response. Within 24 hours, I received an email from a YSL associate who followed up with my questions and left her phone number if I had other Q's. I would drop them a note and see if they can answer your questions. It certainly can't hurt, and hopefully you will rest easier knowing your bag is a real one !! Good luck.
  8. I also remember reading the 3 key 1 key discussions as others have mentioned above. Perhaps you could pm one of those ladies who posted about their older bag?
  9. SuLi, dont worry about 'bugging' us. You have a very valid question and I understand how you feel. Just want to say I think you are going to be fine :smile:

    btw, I love your avatar :lol:
  10. Thanks for the reassurances everyone.

    I avatar seems ironic right now...doesn't it?

    I am going to try and see if I can e-mail YSL as well and ask. At this point, I'm 85% sure that it is authentic, but I really want to be completely sure.

    Thanks again! :flowers: