Please Help Im new to Gucci...never entered

  1. hello, Im new to this Gucci thread and I do not have a gucci store anywhere near me so Ive never entered a Gucci store. But I will be going London soon and had a couple of questions so please please could someone answer them. Thankyou :flowers:

    1. Ive fell in Love with a Gucci bum bag that I saw on Sex and the city (carrie wears it)...does anyone know price and could you post pics etc.

    2. In Gucci...what will I get with my bag, is it good service etc. Is it like the service I get in Louis Vuitton ?

    3. Does anyone know where the Gucci flagship store is in London ?

    thankyou :flowers:
  2. It retails for $435. I believe it is the Bond Street store that is the flagship store.
  3. sorry, i think it is $395 here in the US, not sure about in london.
  4. thankyou emald37, it shouldnt be much more than the US price and I think that is a good price for it. Thanks
  5. Check out, that particular style of bag is in the luggage section.
  6. You're welcome! You should go on their website. I think they should have the prices for there also.
  7. Hi Socialite, welcome to the Gucci thread!

    I don't know the answer to all your questions since I'm from Canada, but I'll try to answer what I can!

    The belt bag from SATC is the large size one which is $435USD on the gucci website. They now have a smaller size one for $395USD (but my personal opinion is that one IS cute, but waaaaay too small). The "big" one really just fits a wallet on one side, and a cell phone + other little things on the other.
    The price in Canada for the big one from Holt Renfrew was $580CAD (last checked last year in the summer). When I bought mine 2 years ago from Hong Kong, it was $2800 HKD. Unfortunatley I don't have pics.. my belt bag is now with my boyfriend in another city. But there are pics you can see on the Gucci website. Also if you check out yeuxhonnetes bag showcase (although there's MANY pages to that thread), she DEFINITELY has a picture of hers. Or I think if you search for a thread called "show your gucci collection" or something along that lines, she's posted a pic up there as well.

    I've heard varying accounts from other people, but every time I've ever been inside a Gucci store, I've gotten great service. You'll get a dustbag/sleeper for your belt bag and IMO.. the Gucci sleeper is way more luxe/nicer looking than the LV linen sleeper! Although you do have to be careful with the sleeper b/c it's more delicate than the LV linen for sure!!!

    Enjoy your trip to London!
  8. jadecee thankyou so much, you made me feel so welcome, thankyou & God Bless everyone who replied :smile: :flowers: .
  9. I'm not a Gucci expert as I only just bought my first bag a couple of weeks ago. I bought my bag at the Gucci Boutique in Charleston, SC and I can tell you what came with mine.

    They offered me the box if I wanted it. It came with a beautiful dust/sleeper bag. They gave me a care booklet. Then they packed it inside of it's sleeper bag, then put it inside of another bag (much like LV) and then into a large Gucci shopping bag.

    I have only ever been to one Gucci Boutique so I can only speak about my service there. I have to say it was superior. I was treated so well and they helpful as well as kind to me. I tried on many bags and they were great with it. I finally decided on the Guccissima Leather Chocolate Princy Satchel. I really love it. It's very feminine. IMHO, the service at Gucci was better than the service that I received my first time in the LV Boutique in Charlotte, NC.

    Good luck and welcome.
  10. thanyou very much for your reply, I cant wait to shop lol :smile:
  11. Hey Sandra,

    Hope you don't mind that I offered up your bag showcase as a reference! But you take such great pictures of your stuff, so it was one of the first places I thought of that would be helpful! :yes:

    ..and totally unrelated.. but I'm in high anticipation of when you post your "new acquisitions"!!! Hope you complete that discontinued list soon... I can't WAIT to see what you got!!!
  12. i don't mind at all :biggrin:. it's a great help, and i'm flattered that you thought of me :blush:

    as for my Discontinued List, i'm still searching for ONE bag. i don't know if i'll ever find it, but as soon as i do, i'll post all my new stuff :graucho: