Please help...I'm getting a Tano bag!!

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm loving my Sex Bombs - they're one of my favorite styles from Tano. I use them frequently and even though my four kids are out of the whole "diaper" thing, it's roomy enough to put in stuff for a long wait at the doctor's office, etc. Plus it's a comfortable fit on the shoulder. For those who kind of do a lot with their bags, I prefer the crunch leather since it's so easy to maintain. And yes, it's a bit edgier than the other leathers available. I had the papaya and found it to be too brown. I miss my wonderful orange Jet Setter (hi Audball 67!!!!) but I'm thrilled with my other Tanos in Cobalt Blue and Olive Green....:tup:
  2. There I am with my Tano Sex Bombs....

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  3. I am loving the sex bomb... but it all depends on what size and color you need/want/gotta have

  4. I'm thinking that Sex Bomb is the way to go.

    That blue looks really bright. In other pics I've seen it doesn't look quite so bright. How does it look w/ jeans (remember I'm a stay at home mom ;)).

  5. Nice!!! Love the colors....looks great on you!
  6. The sex bomb is the nicest style to me!
  7. Mind you, the one jchiara has in the picture is the carribean blue - which is much brighter than the cobalt blue. The cobalt blue is more of an indigo, navy blue colour and the carribean blue is more of a bright blue.

    If you are considering a cobalt blue - it will definitely go with jeans - it is a beautiful neutral if you wear jeans a lot - its a nice alternative to black!
  8. This is a better picture of the cobalt....
    (the one I was wearing was Caribbean Blue)....

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  9. Thank you everyone who posted and cleared up my confusion about the color!!!

    I was thinking that my computer screen was waaayyy off!!


    PS-Anyone know of any good sales /deals right now?? TIA!!
  10. She's well loved - very well loved and cared for :smile:!
  11. Hi wipursemama, this was posted by Tano Expert in one of the Tano threads (the post is buried on page 18 of a thread started by ViciousBliss). Email address is The customer service is wonderful! I am thinking about purchasing another Tano bag before the deal ends, but I've already purchased one Tano and one HH bag this month!

    Girls- $20 off for TPF members is good though May 31st. :yahoo:

    Just email me after you place your order, and I'll credit it back to your card. (In stock items only, not pre-orders or special orders.)

    Shipping is just $7 anywhere in the contiguous US by UPS ground. We have a no hassle refund policy- no "restocking fees," etc.