Please help...I'm getting a Tano bag!!

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  1. Ladies

    I am new here and am in need of some help!

    I am going to get a new Tano bag. These are the ones that I've been thinking of:

    1. My Heroin:

    2. Bottle Blond:

    3. Sex Bomb:

    Those 3 are my top choices. A little about me - I'm a stay at home mom to 3 kids. Ages 4, 3 and 1. I'm not sure if I want a bag just for me or a bag that I can use w/ them (which is why I was thinking about one of the messenger style bags).

    I would love any input or suggestions!!


    PS-The next ? will be what color????
  2. Hi Meredith! I have the jet setter in orange (which came from a tPFer, who also bought it from a tPfer :P) and it has similar dimensions to the sex bomb. I think it's a great bag - fits comfortable on my shoulder and it's just big enough to carry some extra diapering things, in a pinch (I'm a mom too!). I love the shape and the exterior pockets are extremely handy. There are extensive posts on Tano here with some lovely pics. I don't think you could go wrong with the sex bomb (and I vote for a bright color like cobalt or papaya!).

    I was thinking about the bottle blonde as a bag just for me. It doesn't seem as deep, which means it would fit nicely under the arms. The colors here are fabulous as well, and I'm partial to the fern, papaya, and luggage in this style.

    I'm not as partial to the My Heroin, but I think it's because it's more "bohemian" than the other styles, to me.

    Whatever you choose, I don't think you could go wrong. They are very pretty bags and a great value! I expect to hear more about them in the future from everyone.
  3. that you from the BB Board? It's me Delilah (MightyHappyMama)! If it's not you, then please ignore me :smile: Oh, and I like the Tano Sex Bomb bag. Have you seen the Hayden Harnett bags yet? Check them oout too!
  4. Meredith...I'm also liking the Heroin one too. I like the Blue for both bags and the Whiskey too.
  5. What a small world!!! That's me - I saw a post on the BB board about Tano bags and when I was searching for them I found this forum....I'm in big trouble now!!!! :yes:

    I haven't really looked into the HH bags ----yet!! LOL.

  6. The jet setter and the sex bomb look very similar. Are they made of different leather? Do you know what makes them different?

    I need to decide if I should go for the bigger one so that I can put some of my kids stuff in there too or just one for me....mmm..decisions - maybe both!!!;)

    Thanks so much!!

  7. Hey I'm on the BB Board too! ;)

    the jet setter is made from what Tano refers to as italian "tag" leather. They no longer have bags made from this leather, but the cloud, supposedly is similar. It doesn't have the sheen or the stiffness.

    I think they are two different looks - the crunch leather is edgier to me and I like it. I went to a local store today and saw some of the Tanos in crunch and surprisingly it looked fabulous in either the conventional colors (brusciato) or the fun ones (papaya). If you read up on other posts, there are folks who have posted pics and comments. Certainly with kids, the crunch leather would be nice in that it wouldn't show sticky fingers as much :yes:!
  8. Excuse my ignorance, but what is the BB board? TIA!:confused1:
  9. Hello, all three are very nice-looking but I prefer No: 1 because it can be carried messenger-style.
  10. I was wondering the same thing?

    I'd go for the Sex Bomb! :graucho:
  11. BB Board is the Baby Bags's like TPF but for diaper bags! We all swap/buy diaper bags from each other. Ha! Meredith you ARE in trouble...this board is highly addictive and fun! I'm glad you are here:graucho: . Hi Audball!
  12. Hi Delilah! I just saw your siggy - what a nice DH you have!

    Yes, this board is dangerous but fun. I've left my baby bags behind and jumped full speed onto this one. Veeeerrry dangerous LOL!
  13. I just sold my last JJB's more diaper bags for now :smile: My dh was being nice that day! We went into Bloomingdales and I kept looking at the Botkier. I went to buy a Juicy Couture cosmetic case and he told me that he would pick out the color and to take our son outside and he would buy it. He came out and I looked in the bag and it was the Botkier! I could not believe it! Glad you are here and made the jump. I really had to let go of the diaper bag ds is 3!
  14. I suggest either the Sexbomb or My Heroin
    The bottle blonde, I believe would be too small for your needs as a mom with small kids...

    I have a Loveboat, which is the same leather as My Heroin, and that leather is lovely! It is lightweight and has a slight sheen to it. Definitely worth the investment!

    The Sexbomb is just a lovely style, a good size and complements everyone who wears it - the leather is crunch leather, which is a bit shiny, but in my opinion is not as nice as the cloud leather.
  15. Thank you everyone for all the great responses!!!

    My days of diaper bags are not quite over since my little man is only 11 months old (almost one - yeah!!).

    This also explains the need for both a bigger bag and one that might go messenger style.

    And I can already say that I'm in big trouble w/ this wonder board. I was up way, way too late last night reading all the posts and this AM I need a lot of coffee!!!

    Thank you everyone! Now I need to decide!!!:confused1: