Please Help..I'm being scammed out of my LV

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  1. Hello tpf friends, I really need advice. I Sold a brand new petite Malle to an ebayer with 0 feedback that had only been on eBay 4 days (my first mistake) for an event she was going to and now she claims through PayPal not eBay that it's a fake, it should be destroyed and she wants a full refund. I'm going to call PayPal to discuss but I'm in a panic as she has my bag, the original paperwork and my money. Has anyone gone through a similar experience?

  2. Sorry to hear this, post this on the eBay thread, the ladies there are awesome
  3. I'm sorry this happened to you :sad: You wrote she has your money, didn't she pay for the bag through PayPal before you sent it to her?
  4. You need to have this thread moved into the eBay forum. There are amazing people in there that can help you and guide you through what you need to get your bag back.
  5. You need to contact PayPal ASAP and speak to them, you might have to open a dispute.
  6. Insist on getting the bag back and she'll get her money back. Contact Ebay and PayPal ASAP.
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    Not sure how she wants a full refund, yet has your money...
    Sorry, this happened to you too. Wow...
  8. Explain how she "has my money" and also wants a full refund. This must be incorrect.

    Otherwise, I hope you have proof of its authenticity and make your case for a normal refund process after she returns it in the same condition.
  9. Do you still have photos of the paperwork?
  10. I think she did pay got the bag and filed a claim after with PayPal to have her money returned claiming the bag is fake
  11. Very good advice. And as a general rule, I always cancel bids from buyers with 0 feedback.
  12. Also, vet important: make sure there is a $0 balance in your PayPal account so PayPal staff are unable to automatically reverse the charge. If you have money there transfer it to your bank account.
  13. Hello TPF friends, i really need your advice, I sold a brand new petite Malle to an ebayer w/0 feedback that had only been on eBay 4 days (that was my first mistake) she wanted to make sure I was sending the original receipt and she needed the bag quickly for an event. She said it was a fake but instead of filing a claim through eBay she filed it through PayPal saying it was a fake, should be destroyed and wants a full refund including shipping.

    I'm going to call PayPal to discuss but I'm in a panic b/c she has the bag, original recipt and potentially my money as PP already has it on hold.

    Anyone had a similar experience?

  14. Oh ok...gotcha!
  15. This does not actually do much, they will put the account into a negative balance. I am sure she could not just "flee" to a new PayPal account after that.