please help if you have a Multicolour wallet or coin purse.

  1. Hi,
    i know that the mulitcolour wallets' interior are vachetta. Does anyone own the wallet and it turned colour? anyone can take a picture of how does it look like after it turns dark? does it look bad? thanks a lot! really appreciate it. :flowers:
  2. I don't have the wallet but the MC cles is not vachetta inside, it is a man made material.
  3. The inside of my MC cles is actually quite clean, it doesn't stain in colour.

    On the other hand, my perle PTI does have dirt from coins. Doh
  4. nevermind, my SA lied to me. i checked the vuitton site, the lining is not natural cowhide, its calfskin!! how can the SA tell me other wise? i'm so dissapointed.
  5. ^^ Sometimes the SAs are not so knowledgable - which Vuitton counter did you go to by the way ?
  6. i go to the one at bloor, not holts. yea she really isnt very knowledgable. but on the bright side, she's really nice unlike the snobby ones at holts :sweatdrop: I
  7. ^^ Aww.. I found that I've had really good experiences at the Holts on Bloor, the asst. manager is the one that I've dealt with before. Usually I find the opposite is true for me at the global boutique, strangely enough !
  8. well maybe at holts not everyone are bad, but the one i've encounter, she was a nightmare to dealt with :sad: but i'm very glad that you had a great experience at holts :smile: