Please help identifying this LV Purse

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  1. Hi everyone ;)

    First post here, and I wishes to seek some help from the experts here :p
    Could any kind soul identify this purse please?

    My aunt had one for many years, but few months back one of the inner section gave way (not sure where), and she was looking for an exact replacement since then. She just couldn't remember the model or name of this purse she has. I did some search, and it seems like this purse is called "Portefeuille Epi Z", model M63442 ?

    Does anyone know where can I get this purse as well? I tried eBay and google, but no luck except for some second hands in a few jap sites.

    Thanks in advance for helping :heart:
  2. its from the epi line.
    I don´t know a name...

    btw welcome on TPF! your new addiction!
  3. I think this wallet is discontinued? :s
  4. Definitely discontinued
  5. Agree with John, afaik this style is no longer made :sad:

    However you might just want to call LV and ask whether there are still some pieces around :shrugs: To my amazement I just discovered the key chain from that line "epi z" was still up on the vuitton site, so I guess it doesn't hurt to ask :yes:

    If that doesn't work out I guess you have to try eBay :shame:

    There's currently the epi z coin purse listed

    eBay: 100% Authentic Louis Vuitton Vanilla Epi Z Change Purse (item 290093349927 end time Mar-22-07 08:25:33 PDT)
  6. discontinued?? :crybaby:

    Hope my aunt could get over it... Thanks for all ya help again! ;)
  7. OT: The description Timeless_LV has for the Epi Z Wallet is actually for a Damier wallet. :p
  8. Thanks Kittie for the link! The beige color is gorgeous! :drool:
  9. WOW!! That's very nice of you Kittie :yahoo: I had a nightmare searching for one these few days LOL.

    I'm not really sure which color my aunt prefers, but I think the design seems to be more important to her? Her previous Epi Z was a black thou.

    Thanks again! Think she will be happy to know of one available :yahoo:
  10. you're very welcome :flowers:

    lol, don't be afraid of purchasing items online, just make sure to post the the links in the "authenticate this" sub-forum here on tPF, to make sure everything is ok :yes:
  11. Ya advise heeded :love: