Please help identify

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  1. Good morning Ladies, Slowlyfading posted this pic in another subforum (she was interested in the clutch) and I am desperate to know more about the bag. Model number, price, availability, any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!:heart: :heart:

  2. :smile: Rose, see the bag on the first scan, bottom left, from this post: HERE.
  3. Yes, that's it, Thanks Lily:heart: .

    I can't read the details:sad: , can anyone help me out?
  4. A32962 Y04262




    83513 DK PURPL
    90812 DK BROWN
    94305 BLACK


    No worries, Rose. It's a really cute bag! :heart:
  5. Thanks Lily:heart: , now I am off to track it down.....
  6. oooh that's super cute!

    which actress is that? rachel bilson?
  7. I think it is Hill Duff
  8. omg..i'm such a dork! now that u mention it, it totally looks like hilary..
  9. They have that bag an the NM in Tampa in Dark White. It almost has a khaki/taupe tint to it. Not quite ivory white but pretty.
  10. Thanks J. Did it have pockets on the ends? Apparently, Hill's bag is a sample :sad: and the bags in the store comes with pockets on the ends for cell phones etc. They have them in NYC so I am going to head up and have a look at them this weekend.
  11. Yes, it did have pockets. I think the 57th St. store had them too.
  12. hey don't feel bad , I thought it was Kelly Clarkson . At least I know the sunnies are Valentino !
  13. Heh. I totally thought it was Kiera Knightley. The straps are so lovely on that bag.
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