please help identify two vintage croc's

  1. Hello everybody!
    I inherited two crocodile bags that mom bought back in the sixties. Can some of you Hermes experts out there help me identify them? I am attaching two pics, you can find more and/or bigger pictures here:

    Thanks in advance!


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    IMG_6077.JPG IMG_6078.JPG
  2. The first one is called the Piano. The 2nd I have never seen before.
  3. Lovely bags. They look to be in great condition.
  4. Here is a close up of the one with the wings....LOVE THIS CLASP!

    Thank you for sharing these lovelies.

  5. You're welcome. While I have seen the "Piano" on that french auction site catalog, I was unable so far to find this model with the wings on the web. Maybe someone out there who owns those collector's books will shed some light!
    Yes, the bags are in VG condiiton. The piano has a small scratch on the upper front :sad: but that's it.

    I have read that a non circled M means 1957... is that correct?

    Thanks again for your help!

  6. If you are really pressed for a name. Call Claude at NYC and fax a picture to him. He's very helpful this way and I've sent many people his way with similar questions. Could you get back to us with a name once he gives it to you?:graucho:
  7. I have never seen the second bag but the clasp is so unusual. Didn't the god Hermes have wings on his heels? Please let us know if you find out the name. Beautiful Beautiful bags.
  8. Came back for another look at these beauties. I hope you will keep us up to date on the names and dates as you learn more about them.

    Welcome, and thank you again for posting such wonderful photos.

  9. Talking about dates.... as I said I found an M under the Hermes stamp on the Piano, but I was unable to find any date mark on the winged-clasp bag. It could be that I don't know where to look :smile: Any advice is welcome.

  10. Sometimes you just won't find a datestamp on some of the older bags, or it has been obliterated over the years. Did you also check inside the pocket, if there is one? Sometimes they're hidden in there, or an an interior pulltab.
  11. I grabbed my C.S.I.-like torchlight and inspected the bag again, inside and out - no date stamp that I can see..

    Thanks for the tip, anyway!


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  12. Yes, Hermes was the Greek Messenger God. He had wings on his sandals.

    These bags are incredibly precious heirloom pieces. Such wonderful condition and they look timeless and classic. The winged lock is so unique! I see the hinge, the wings pull back and gets inserted through the princess opening, cute!
  13. Leopardus, I don't know where you are based, but Celine in London has a reference book of vintage styles. I was surprised by the great number of different styles, particularly in this size.However, not every bag is referenced there.You could email her a pic and ask for her help in identifying your winged beauty. Better again, you could email HQ in Paris and ask for help from the archivist there. I have seen quite a few Pianos, but never Hermes wings. That one's definitely for keeps!
  14. Wow -- those are amazing! Love love love the wing closure!!!
  15. the wing closure is so unique. what a gem