Please help identify this purse!

  1. Hello! I saw an ad my local newspaper for a sale at Macy's, and it had a picture of this purse... I fell in love! However, when I went online to find the purse at their website, it was nowhere to be found... also, the nearest Macy's is over an hour away, so I can't go....

    I thought it might be Fossil because of the little key charm, but I'm not sure...

    So if anyone can help me figure out what brand & style this purse is, and possibly tell me where I could buy it, I'd really appreciate it! :love:
  2. No idea but it's a cute bag.
  3. I have seen these at my local Macy's, but I can't remember who made them. All I know is they didn't look as nice in person as they do in the add. They looked rather cheap. I don't think they were even real leather.