Please Help Identify This Color From Aloha Rag...

  1. Aloha Rag called it "Argile". Though it seems they might have spelled it incorrectly, does it sound familiar to anyone, or better yet, does anyone have a pic they can post of it? I really need to know what it is. Thanks!!!
  2. it might be sandstone
  3. More than likely it is Sandstone. There is a thread right now that has Spring 2007 colors. There is a picture there.

    I have that it!!! It is unusual and very pretty.
  4. Yeah, argile = sandstone :yes: VERY pretty color. I want one :sad:
  5. A couple more pics...

    Sandstone First w/ Classic hardware...


    Sandstone Day (Giant)...

  6. That color is NATUREL which in my opinion looks nothing like that color in the pic (it's more beige'ish grey).

  7. I agree, I have seen the Natural and it does not look like the color in the pic. Maybe because it is a completely different style that it makes the color look different on that leather texture...?

    Thanks so much for allll of the great pics! I will be filling out my order form right now for the Sandstone. I am getting it in the First. Thanks everyone for clarifying that Argile is Sandstone!

  8. Yeah, possibly the style or even just the lighting since I don't remember Sandstone being that "muddy" either.

    I'm very thrilled to know that you'll be ordering Sandstone, it's my favorite color this season! Please don't forget to post lots of pics for us to :drool: :drool: :drool: over.
  9. I will definitely post pics...............I want the bag sooner than Aloha Rag can get it to me. I think their fastest shipping time is 2 day express? But I want it by Tuesday. I have zero patience! So I will make some calls tomorrow morning to see if I can find it at Balny, NM etc. Unless anyone out there has seen it very recently?????? If so,please let me know where! Thanks a milion!
  10. incoralblue ~ stop torturing me with those beautiful pics of sandstone.:crybaby: I can't afford to get another bbag for awhile.
    ROMIE-OMIE Sandstone is a great choice. :drinkup:
  11. I should know this answer since I own a few Bbags and have stared at them for hours in stores..............but did the FIRST ever come out w/GH?
  12. [​IMG]

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  13. Good on you. hehehehehehehe:dothewave: