Please help identify this coach

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  1. I've never seen a Coach bag like this or anything similar so I'm guessing it's an older style. Does anyone know what year or what line this is from?

    2006_1212Coach0002.JPG 2006_1212Coach0003.JPG 2006_1212Coach0004.JPG 2006_1212Coach0005.JPG no serial.JPG
  2. It's a Hamptons Weekend something, LOL. I have the tote that matches. I think it was from 2005. I saw these recently at TJ Maxx


    Tote is 8F26.
  3. Yes, I saw a hobo at TJ Maxx recently. They are a hamptons collection. I purchased a gold one smaller than yours at the outlets during labor day weekend.
  4. Okay thanks alot. That's actually where I got it from TJ Maxx and I was getting scared that it might be fake because I never saw anyone else with it or on websites.
  5. Its a very pretty bag. I love that color. The sateen nylon wipes clean very easily too!