Please Help! Identify This Bag

  1. Hi there,

    Before my Vermillion Day has arrived, I'm already itching for a black bag! :graucho:

    I'm looking for a BBag that is great for everyday use (can stuff wallet, cell, keys, hair brush, pen, lipstick..) to the grocery store, department store, and run small errands in. A perfect size for me right now is Fendi's Mama bag. Needless to say, I hate this matronly look.:yucky:

    The First was too small for me. The City a bit too rommy (don't have that much stuff). What is a nice in- between size?

    I saw this photo of Sienna Miller and her bag. It looks like a good size bag. Could anyone identify this bag? It doesn't look like either a City nor a First to me. Is it a box, a twiggy? Please inform.

    For all the Balenciaga experts out there, could you please recommend me a good BBag for my everyday needs? Thank you in advance!
  2. It's a First/Classique.

    The Twiggy or Box (if you can find one) would be a good alternative.
  3. Looks like First to me too.
  4. hi Grand Latte... from the things you mentioned you would need to carry in your handbag, the First would definitely fit those items. I love mine (and it fits a ton, including a bottle of water, cosmetics pouch, camera, etc)