Please Help Identify These Shoes? Are They Cl? =)

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  1. i was checking out and LOVE this outfit, however i fell in love with the shoes! i would like to know if anyone knows what brand this shoe is??? Thank you =)

    These actually look like the shoes from NET-A-PORTER....

    are these the shoes on this pic??


    TIA! and i'm gonna be sad if these are CL's coz first of all they are way to expensive for me to buy right now and even if i could they are all sold out of my size @ net-a-porter lol...
  2. They do look an awful lot like the CL Rolande, maybe it's the picture but I see a lack of the red sole, and something looks a bit off.
  3. I think they are the Rolande, also from what I saw there's another model wearing the Lapono blue boots.
  4. Those are the Rolande. I have them and love them. I wonder why NAP's prices are $710 for them when at Footcandy, BG, etc they were selling for 610 for the patent. The leather ones are $730. Strange!
  5. ^ if they are CL Rolande, how come the little bit of sole shown on the right shoe doesn't look red?
  6. hmm maybe it's the lighting? does anyone know any other brands this shoe could possibly be? other than cl...?
  7. I agree it's probably the lighting. Even if you look at the side profile photos of the ones on NAP, the red is not blatant for whatever reason. It's a popular shoe with many celebrities having sported it in either the black patent or black leather. I am 100% positive it is the CL Rolande.

    And, I have not seen any knock offs or "inspired" versions to date. Plus, I can see Express using them in their ad campaigns since so many celebs have been wearing them.
    CL Rolande Hayden.jpg CL Rolande2.jpg 02-victoria-beckham-coming-to-ameri.jpg SPRING FASHION.jpg Cl Rolande Carrie Underwood.jpg
  8. As you can tell, they are apparently Carrie Underwood's favorite shoes lately as a g/f and I were laughing b/c she was spotted wearing them on 3 different occasions (that we saw w/o doing much research) already. It was nice to know that this actually occurs in Hollywood. haha


  9. [​IMG]
  10. thank's ladies!!! you guys are so helpful =)
    too bad i cant buy these right now =( i'm surprised they use them in express ads!!!!!
  11. ashakes, I feel really lame, but in the list of pictures you put in that post..I only recognized Christina Aguilera and Posh "I Can't Sing Worth ****" Beckham.
  12. ^^^from left to right in the first post of pics is Hayden Panettiere from "Heroes", Christina, VB, and Carrie Underwood. Then below is Ellen Pompeo from "Grey's Anatomy" and then Carrie Underwood again. LOL :smile:
  13. Ah...thanks ashakes! All of the blondes from reality shows look the same to me (probably because I don't watch any of them! or Gray's Anatomy..)>
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