please help identify these bags!

  1. hello everyone i am trying to buy tese bags below but i have one problem, i dont know the names of any of them! please help me identify these bags and please include color and size! thanks very much :yes: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. That is the much loved (in this forum anyway) BIRKIN bag. The last one is a Kelly bag.
  3. do you know the colors and size?
  4. I Have Some Usefull Faq's Now But I Still Want To Know What Do You Guys Think The Blue One Is Blue Jean Togo 30cm? And Do You Think The Whiskey Colored One Is Gold Togo 35 Cm? And Also Is The White Bag The White Tourillion Clemence 35cm? And Im Not Sure On The Black Kelly And Croc Do You Think You Can Please Help Me Out Even With A Color Or Size? Please Help!
  5. Okay, here goes. We have:
    Rouge Vif croc 30cm with palladium HW
    Black Box Kelly 32 Retourne with gold hw ooops, nope. It's Sellier/Rigide
    White Birkin 40 in Clemence, palladium HW
    Gold BIrkin 40 in Togo or CLemence, can't see HW
    Blue Jean Birkin 35 in Swift/ Hard to tell in that picture. NOT Togo or clemence

    The white and Gold Birkins COULD be 35s and it's hard to tell when they are worn floppy and open like that.
  6. The black box Kelly looks sellier to me:smile:
  7. ^ DUH!!!! LOLOL! That's what I meant. It's sellier.

    GT's brain is bye, bye!
  8. ^^Hehe, I thought that's what you meant but the fingers typed "retourne". :roflmfao:
  9. ^ sad, but true! hehe
  10. Oh MAN....You're GOOD GT. You are GOOD! (wagging finger like DeNiro in "Analyze This")
  11. thanks greentea you are fantastic!